How Energy Healing Blew A California Girls Mind

Up until about four years ago, this word was not really part of my vocabulary. I thought that massages, physical therapy, traditional medicine, etc. were the primary ways a person could be healed. I believed you could go to school to study these subjects and have a career in that particular field.

All of this changed when I met a healing expert named Scott Franklin Manning, and through him, I realized that having the ability to heal others is a gift. My experience working with this healing expert has been so incredibly unique, rare, and special that I hope the chosen few that work with he or others like him may have the life changing experience that I did.

One thing we discovered was that I was never taught how to breathe. I would go-go-go, all day long without refueling my body without the most essential element for life-oxygen. I noticed some profound physical reactions during these sessions and a lot of deep thoughts as well. I later began to realize that I had a lot of issues that I was unaware of both physically and emotionally. It also became clear that my physical challenges were related to emotional and psychological baggage. Scott Manning pointed out that most of it all comes from our parents. We are brought up to behave and duplicate aspects of their negativity, not even realizing how bad some of the habits can become. And of course there are outside influences as well.

So I haven’t changed over night, however, I have evolved incredibly since professional healing has been in my life with Scott’s work. The first thing was my diet. I started eating only organic and mostly raw, vegan, and living foods. Then I became more environmentally conscious and sustainable. This evolved into being more present and living for the moment, which has lead to more self-devotion, healing, creativity, and passion for a quality life. I am more focused on what is important to me and not what I’ve been programmed to believe is necessary. I have more clarity, more patience, a calmer sense of being, and a lot less stress. Most importantly, I have more love for myself and have become more selfish- in a good way, as in loving my self, whereas before I didn’t enough.

I am so thankful for the unconditional love and light I’ve received from this amazing, professional healer; Scott Franklin Manning. I highly recommend him as a healer and life coach.