‘Dr Feelgood’ Finally Arrested for Murder After Abuses in Prescribing Drugs!

“Deaths from overdoses of prescription drugs now outnumber deaths from traffic accidents in the United States. Prescription drug overdose deaths have reached epidemic proportions. Enough is enough. Doctors are not above the law.” Steve Cooley Los Angeles County District Attorney

Dr. Hsiu-Ying ‘Lisa’ Tseng was arrested yesterday on murder charges for prescribing powerful prescription drugs where it wasn’t necessary. News footage shows the 42-year -old doctor, often deemed ‘Dr. Feelgood,’ handcuffed, head lowered in humiliation, being led away (and stuffed in a squad car) from her makeshift strip mall clinic (Advanced Care AAA Medical), which is located in Rowland Height. This is not negligence, it’s second-degree murder and 21 other serious felony counts.

It took a long time to develop this case, but finally someone is getting serious about cracking down on the problem of prescription drugs, where the legal drug problem is just as bad as the illegal drug problem, and maybe even worse. The sequence of investigations into Lisa’s rackets are complex, but need to be carefully studied and considered by every American.

dr feelgood

Three male patients, all in their twenties, overdosed on drugs prescribed by Dr. Tseng. The Los Angeles DA had enough evidence to charge Dr. Tseng with second-degree murder for the prescription drug overdoses of Vu Nguyen, Joseph Rovero III, and Steven Ogle. Apparently, there are others who died also (from Dr. Feelgood’s pill bottles), but the DA must have more solid evidence for these three victims, or else he couldn’t have a chance when he (Steve Cooley) goes to court.

Contours of the DEA probe of Lisa have been lightly sketched in the Los Angeles Times. This is something I’m especially interested in, and hope to see fuller reports detailing how the DEA probed her prescription drug ring using undercover agents. This is a difficult case, I know that, and it took many years to develop, but in the meantime, many people have died from these drugs. One question I have, is how did her scam work?

In other words, how did Lisa make a huge profit off her 25 prescriptions issued per day? Were the drug companies giving her a kickback from every prescription she wrote? I’ll admit, I’m not quite clear on how this scam was pulled off. I will say, however, if these large pharmaceutical companies profited from her liberal dole-out of poison, then the DEA should go after them as well.

Advanced Care AAA Medical opened their shaky strip mall office in 2005. That’s over six years they’ve literally gotten away with murder. A person in their twenties couldn’t possibly be having the medical conditions described in current accounts. Neck pain? Back pain? Anxiety? Is anxiety a threatening physical medical malady? I don’t think so! You simply don’t have any of these problems when you are in your twenties. Yet problems do pop up once you start taking powerful legal narcotics, such as Xanax, Oxycontin, Vicodin, and Adderall.

Let’s hope that the complete story will emerge regarding what Dr. Feelgood got away with all these years. Let’s also hope she doesn’t get off. Important too, is that the full story garners the attention of the public, both on the internet and on television news. Finally, let’s not forget the victims who had to die, because they were so addicted to these legal narcotics. The real reason why so many Americans are taking these drugs, is because they don’t want to feel the pain of daily struggle and survival. Struggle and survival is life. Life is painful by nature (period).

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