Chronic Anger Management Problems in Korea

Chronic anger management issues prevail in Korea. As many as six thousand Koreans are under the spell of anger management problems. It is known as the intermittent explosive disorder.

Reports suggest that Cho Hyun-min is also a sufferer of the intermittent explosive disorder. Recently, Cho Hyun-min, the heiress to Korean Air, suffered a bout of office rage. She threw a bottle in the face of a staff member in a fit of rage. She later apologized publicly on the Facebook social media platform. She is currently on a leave from her work but public outrage is rising with each passing day. This much talked about “office rage” issue hints at the gravity of intermittent explosive disorder.

It is noteworthy that in the past too, the Korean Air heiress had garnered the attention of the crowd worldwide with her antics. In the incident, Cho Hyun-min’s elder sister, Cho Hyun-ah made the headlines with the “nut rage.” In 2014, Cho Hyun-ah made a physical attack on a purser in a fit of rage. She created a ruckus in the plane and compelled it to turn back to the gate just because the plane staff served her nuts in a bag instead of serving them in a bowl.

Experts say that the people who suffer from intermittent explosive disorder fail to control their rage, no matter how hard they try. They also present with prolonged screaming fits.

The Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service analyzed the issue on Tuesday. In 2017, doctors analyzed about 5,985 people for a similar impulsive issue.

Recent reports suggest that, since then, the number of patients suffering from IED has increased drastically. About 83 percent of these patients were men. The reports also suggest that the younger generation presents more with the disorder. About 29% of the patients in the study were in their 20s, 20% of the patients were in their 30s, and about 19% of the patients were teenagers. Only 12% of the patients were in their 40s and merely 8% in their 50s. This suggests that the younger groups are more susceptible to this issue.

According to the doctors, the instances of rage taper down with age. This is because, with growing age, the people tend to become less sensitive to these kinds of external stimulations.

IED or Intermittent Explosive Disorder is a mental disorder that is characterized by a fit of rage where people fail to control themselves. According to the evidence, the sympathetic nerves fail to function properly that makes way for an inability to understand the situation properly and thus, this behavior results. If the symptoms aren’t dealt with properly, it can land the sufferer in trouble. Many sufferers also get involved in crimes.

The doctors believe that it could be due to stress, alcoholism, cerebrovascular disorders, and frontal lobe dementia.

People who suffer from this disorder must consult their psychiatrists at the earliest. Over time, the symptoms tend to get worse. Sufferers can seek help from Paramount Training and Development, who help these patients deal with their problem.

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