Change In Sexual Attraction Something Gays Won’t Admit

As Ugly As Possible

Sight of an oncoming Frilled Shark, is as unlikely as a gay person admitting that their sexual attraction could change.

Nobody thought it could happen. Dozens of pro-homosexual organizations in California have gotten Governor Jerry Brown to sign SB-1172 into law. SB-1172 outlaws all counseling to help people overcome same-sex attractions. This law essentially banning “Change Therapy,” prohibits mental health professionals in California from providing “Sexual Orientation Change Efforts” (SOCE) to anyone younger than eighteen.

Brown actually signed SB-1172 into law last September, but efforts by Liberty Council and other conservative groups delayed finality of SB-1172.

No Opposing Viewpoints

The ‘left’ claims SOCE is both deluded and harmful. A spokesperson for the California Attorney General stated SOCE is a ” ..potentially dangerous relic from an era when homosexuality was pathologized and criminalized.”

The American Psychological Association (APA) claimed SOCE should not be promoted. However, in that same APA report Mathew Staver (Liberty Council) stated APA capitulated by saying: “There are no sufficiently rigorous studies of recent SOCE that would enable us to make a definitive statement about whether recent SOCE is safe or harmful, and for whom.”

Staver goes on to say, sexual-orientation in children “is virtually unexamined.” He adds there is no empirical evidence whatsoever that SOCE actually harms minors. He asserts minors are greatly benefiting from this counseling: “But the state of California will essentially barge into the room of each counseling session to tell the counselor they may present only one view, and clients may receive only one viewpoint on same-sex attractions.” Because it only permits “one” viewpoint, it’s clearly a violation of the First Amendment.

As a result, Liberty Council is against SB-1172 because it will harm children, stress families, and put counselors in an unfair dilemma. This law defines SOCE as any practice designed to reduce same-sex attraction.

SB-1172 Sponsor Knows Parents’ Rights Are Squashed

California Senator Ted Liu (sponsor of SB-1172) actually admitted SB-1172 “interferes with the rights of parents.” It seems this “thought control” bill will give the pro-homosexual agenda “force-of-law” to be enacted throughout the country. Already, similar legislation is being enacted in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, many politicians have regulated California out of the real world. SB-1172 is another attempt by gay activists to acquire preferential treatment, and criminalize all who oppose their wishes. Instead of equality, they seem to want power to control and tyrannize.

Matthew McReynolds – Assistant Counsel – Pacific Justice Institute …, was at the committee meeting discussing SB-1172. He stated his firm’s opposition to SB-1172: “SB1172 blames those who believe change is possible for gay suicides, guilt, substance abuse, relationship problems, and a host of other ills … the state is giving itself the power to take kids away from parents who do not affirm the kids’ sexual confusion.”

NFL (MVP) Adrian Peterson says he loves and respects his gay family members. In fact, most Christians treat all gay members of the population with respect. But on gay marriage, the Minnesota Vikings running back admits “that’s not something I believe in.” The same could be said of most Christians worldwide.

The Gay Surge Starts In California

Because of the success of SB-1172 in California, other states’ gays have decided to resurrect the same statutes in SB-1172. Once again, free speech gets snuffed out at the expense of patronizing gay activists. In the Bible, institutionalizing same-sex marriage is only “giving approval to those who practice” the things God’s word condemns (Rom. 1:32).

Even if you recognize the Bible calls homosexuality sin, but you incorrectly support same-sex marriage, and hence abhor minor adolescents getting information from both viewpoints, is it possible to consider you’re saved because you may believe only parts of the Bible? The last time it was checked, Jesus was an “all-or-nothing” type-guy in his teachings. You can’t believe only those things you want to believe.