Born Twice – You Really Do Get Two Chances in Life

When Chad and Kerri McCartney stated that their new baby girl Macie was born again, they weren’t discussing being touched by the Holy Spirit or religion. Well, the truth is, their daughter was really born again — twice.

Last December, Keri was six months into her preganancy, when surgeons at Texas Children’s Hospital took the small fetus from the mother’s womb to remove a tumor that would have killed her daughter before she was born. A month ago, Keri and Chad welcomed the birth of their surgically repaired — and completely healthy — baby girl into the world: into their lives.

The new, proud parents talked to Ann Curry on Friday’s Today show from the hospital, where they were joined by Dr. Darrell Cass, the fetal surgeon who was responsible for leading his team to a surgery that has been successfully less than 20 times. “We were very, very fortunate [with Macie]” stated the doctor. “It really turned out perfectly.”

“The pregnancy lasted another 10 weeks, which allowed Macie to recover from this tumor that had been killing her.”

Both mother and daughter stayed at Texas Medical Center to completely recover from the miracle surgery. Macie, though, still has a large scar on her backside. But, according to surgeons, that can be repaired when she gets older.

Keri and Chad was ecstatic to take their miracle baby home on Saturday. Keri rocked young Macie Hope in her arms as she slept through it all.

“Obviously she [Macie] is completely at peace and content with it all” Keri responds.

Source: Today at MSNBC