A Pet Success Story


To start with, I love my dogs. I strongly believe that if you are getting an animal (especially a dog) you must have the belief, that you are caring for another being and is your total responsibility to do what ever it takes to provide for all of their needs. Daisy (Boston terrier) came into our lives 10 years ago. She was to be a new friend for our Dalmatian, Sasha. Sasha had a history of blood disorders and needed a friend to be with her and Daisy helped Sasha live for another 6 years. When Sasha passed on, we decided to get another Boston terrier (Samantha). With this came a whole new activity level for Daisy and a knee problem began to emerge. Being in Physical medicine, I tried a number of different techniques but she still had a “bum knee.” This is when Mike Torchia came into the picture. I have known Mike for more years than I can remember and he asked if he could try a few different angles on getting her better.


Mike started with a nutritional approach and started her on some very cool herbs and the usual joint supporting aids. We also started her walking on the beach and softer surfaces. We had to take a shotgun approach and change her diet, supplements and walking patterns. Sometimes you are too close to the problem and need a new pair of eyes and that is what Mike brought aboard. Mike started working with her with a hands on approach: walking with her, correcting her gait, observing her running pattern and supplying her with the proper diet. I am very happy with the progress she has made and feel that without Mike’s guidance she might have had to have surgery. Mike Torchia brought me his years of knowledge and experience that you can only get by years of practicing what you preach.

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A Message From Michael


As one of the most successful celebrity trainers in Hollywood, I have spent over 25 years of my life trying to bring the life-saving message of personal fitness and healthy diet to men and women everywhere. In the 1990’s, I began Operation Fitness to combat the (then) overlooked epidemic of childhood obesity. Now I am proud to announce the next phase of my “fitness for all” philosophy – the launch of “Healthy Pet Nation.”

In America, just like humans, obesity is a common problem in dogs and cats. Owners often treat their pets as their children and spoil their furry friends. These owners need to have “Riley” and “Princess” follow a total weight management that will result in controlled weight loss and maintenance. This program will include evaluating the animal, educating the pet owner, modifying behaviors, and tailoring the program to each animal’s needs. As someone who has seen the tragic consequences of poor health on loving pets, I seek to reverse the trend of pet obesity and bring a better life to pets and their owners.

About Michael


When I was a young boy I dreamed of being a veterinarian one day and when old enough, took a job at an animal hospital. Eventually, becoming a veterinarian’s assistant, I helped save many lives of family pets. But one day, I witnessed a poor little doggie name Molly just pass away of liver failure, after the Doctor and I tried every method to save her life. The Vet asked me to go out to the waiting room to tell Molly’s owner her best friend didn’t make it. This woman was devastated, as I was, and we sobbed together. After she left, I spoke to the vet and he quietly explained to me, “It was partly her fault.” She never gave her dog proper food, constantly fed her pet too many food scraps, so Molly was obese.

I realized that even though it was rewarding to save the lives of so many dogs and cats, I also knew to constantly face these poor little animals die on a constant basis was not the job for me. One thing this vet told me was that so many of the diseases that these pets were dying of were preventable with proper nutrition and physical exercise. This is why I have created Healthy Pet Nation, to help people and their pets around the World live healthier and better quality lives.

Michael Torchia

Health and Wellness Expert


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“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Pablo Picasso

By William K.Bergman , PhD

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