A Man’s Birth Control Pill: Bright Pill

Professor Haim Breitbart, Israel’s Bar-llan University, developed compounds with zero affect on the male sex drive, but diminished the reproductive ability of sperm.

The plan is to have a man’s birth control pill- Bright Pill-ready, on the market, within the next five years, according to Breitbart. The Bright Pill was tested on mice, worked well.

“What we found is that by treating the mice with our molecule we can get sterility for a long period of time; in the lower dose, about one month, and in the higher dose we found three months of sterility,” Breitbart explained.

Side effects are expected to be less than what women get from The Pill.

He’s published in the Genes and Development journal where he explained that the Bright Pill stops the sperm’s biochemical process. The Bright Pill is being submitted for a patent.