SeniorAdvice Creates a List of the Top 15 Cities for Single Seniors

Retirement can be an exciting time in a person’s lifetime and it’s even more fun if you have some companionship and a partner to share your free time with. In the United States today, there are more single seniors than there have ever been before. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center there were approximately 19.5 million unmarried U.S. residents age 65 and older in the United States. Unfortunately, many older adults feel slightly apprehensive about dating during this time in their lives.

Dating as a single adult can be a truly fantastic experience and socializing can help seniors make the most of their golden years. Whether seniors are divorced, widowed or just happen to be single, dating can be really fun for older adults. However, many seniors don’t know where to look or how to start dating at this time in their lives. Using senior dating sites such as, more seniors than ever are seeing first-hand just how much fun they can have dating during their golden years. Dating apps and websites can be a great first step, but it is also important for seniors to be aware of which cities best cater to the single senior population.

This is why SeniorAdvice decided to take on the task of analyzing different major cities across the country to see how they cater to senior singles. SeniorAdvice looked at each city and ranked them based on the number of senior singles and on their ability to provide seniors with a fun place to meet, mingle, work, and play. SeniorAdvice also took into account the SeniorScore™ of each city. SeniorScore™, is the first livability index created specifically for senior citizens. It looks at health and safety, leisure and recreation activities, and finances to determine quality of life for elderly adults.

Using this information, SeniorAdvice ranked Pittsburgh, PA as the top city for senior adults. It has a substantial number of seniors 55 and above, plenty of fun activities, and a relatively low cost of living. It also has top-notch healthcare and free transit for seniors. Scottsdale, Arizona and Cleveland, Ohio also make the top of the list, while Naples, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri round out the top five picks. These cities have senior-friendly features like low cost of living, warm weather, large senior populations, and plenty of activities that keep them near the top of the list.

While seniors looking to date today can surely find love in any city, these are all great places for single seniors to explore. They are not only perfect for the dating senior but a fun place for any older adult to call home. For the complete guide of the Top 15 Cities for Single Seniors, visit SeniorAdvice’s comprehensive list.

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