Free Online Activities: End The School Year With A Dream

The end of the school year is a milestone to celebrate and an opportunity to encourage children to reflect on what they’ve learned while dreaming up the goals they’d like to reach for next. Teaching kids to set and achieve goals is critical to academic and personal success, says educator Susan V. Bosak. She has some ideas to help teachers and parents end the school year right. Bosak serves as Chair of the national Legacy Project, an education initiative with the nonprofit Parenting Coalition and Generations United in Washington, DC.

Up to 30% of students drop out of school. Of those who graduate, more than half find themselves aimless. Research shows it’s critical to get kids thinking early – in elementary and middle school – about what’s important to them and why. Dreams and goals give life purpose, direction, and meaning. They help young people build toward the future, and offer a sense of control and hope.

Dream a Dream illustration.
Dream a Dream illustration.

“The end of the school year is the perfect time to have children look back on what they’ve learned and what it means to them,” says Bosak. “It’s also a time to look ahead and encourage children to explore who they are and the goals they’d like to reach for. Helping children find direction is one of the most important gifts a teacher or parent can give.”

For the end of the school year, there are free online activities at to help parents and teachers make the most of the milestone. A Star Highlights sheet gets students to make a Top 10 list of the best memories and things they’ve learned over the school year, while a Dream Reading List encourages them to set summer reading goals. There are ideas for making a Life List, inspiration for creating The Next Page in your life story, a My Dream sheet for sharing personal goals, and a Ladder to the Stars sheet for identifying the steps to reaching a goal. The Dreamer Profile helps you discover whether you’re a Creative, Practical, or Dynamic Dreamer. And Wishing Wands and Celebrate Certificates help end the school year in style.

A Dream illustration, climbing a mountain.
A Dream illustration, climbing a mountain.

Bosak’s book “Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes” helps set the stage for activities and start a discussion with children about their dreams and goals. Richly illustrated by 15 top children’s illustrators – including two-time Caldecott Medal winners Leo and Diane Dillon – “Dream” offers a poetic story about life’s hopes and dreams from childhood to adulthood, sprinkled with inspiring quotations. It has won 11 national awards include an iParenting Award, a Teachers’ Choice, and a Children’s Choice – 10,000 children across the country read and vote on the books they like best.

“Dream” by Susan V. Bosak (TCP Press) is available on the graduation gift display in the children’s section of bookstores. For all the end-of-school-year activities and ideas, visit

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