College Grads: Get The Great Job After Graduation

For college grads the largest goal is finding some kind of decent enough job so they can tell their friends and family. The elusive unicorn is finding this job before graduation or immediately after without that lull period of a few months that many recent grads deal with. With so much competition in the job market a college grad could be lacking experience that other applicants possess. For this reason a proactive approach to finding a great job needs to be taken years before graduation even occurs. Below are tips for those in college and recent college grads to find that great job after college has ended.


Internships could not be more important especially when going into certain industries. The intern can prove themselves as a hard worker as well as proving they are a good fit at a company. Think of this as a tryout for the job as many interns that are valued can be offered a job right after graduation. Keep in mind that this could involve taking this internship every summer while in college. Those who are lucky enough work paid internships so not only is the student building their resume, they also are earning money to live.

Fraternity/Sorority Connections

Those who are involved in Greek life have an advantage when it comes to finding a job after graduation. The connections that are made in these organizations can play a huge role in being offered a job. Alumni events should be frequented as an overly friendly alumni can help schedule an interview that otherwise would have been impossible to land. Reach out to alumni to see if there are any openings in the near future. The worst that these alumni can say is no and then it is time to find another (more successful) alumni to develop a relationship with.

Look Your Best Going Into Interview Season

Interview season can easily be defined as those couple of months after graduation where recent grads seem to be going on an interview per day. This is not the time to pack on the pounds due to moving home with your parents as you want to look your best. A person looking great in physical shape as well as dressing well exudes qualities of being detail oriented and taking pride in appearances which many companies find desirable. Even something small like visiting to make skin glow can be the one small thing that helped a person receive an offer.

Do Contract Work

Doing contract work for a company is much like an internship except the money is much better. Contractors are at a disadvantage as they usually work from home so they do not have the time to develop personal relationships in the office. The most important thing about trying to do contract work in order to find a full-time job is completing high level work while hitting deadlines. Most businesses are deadline oriented so showing the business that deadlines are never missed when a certain individual is assigned the task can be monumental in landing a job.

Take the above tips to try to find that great job that most recent grads dream about getting throughout college. Get this job and perform at a high level to be on the fast track to management!

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.