5 Ways to Make Money with a Chemistry Degree

A degree in chemistry provides many career opportunities. Whether working in a lab or in a classroom, those with a degree in this branch of science can work in a wide range of industries. Here are five ways to earn money with a chemistry degree.

1. Forensic Chemist

The field of forensic science requires knowledge in both analytical and biochemistry. Forensic chemists analyze evidence from crime scenes and draw conclusions based on these results.

Chemists in this field attempt to identify unknown materials and also match samples to known substances. They also analyze drugs taken from scenes and people to identify what they are and how much there is.

Forensic chemists work in labs and run tests on samples using optical analysis, microscopy and gas chromatography. They also document findings and create reports to support criminal investigations. In some cases, these chemists testify their findings in court.

2. Chemistry Tutoring Services

A person with a chemistry degree can also offering tutoring services to local students. Work as a chemistry tutor can be rewarding, and tutors can choose to work privately or with a large organization.

Pay will vary, so this may be only a side gig that can earn extra income.

3. Research Chemist

Those with a chemistry degree can work in industrial research and development, which can be an exciting field. Chemists working as a research or production chemist would be developing new technologies and products.

Research chemists create formulas for new technologies. Production chemists perform the same duties as research chemists, but apply it on a much larger scale. Both opportunities offer interesting careers for those with a chemistry degree.

4. Food Chemist

Those who have an interest in food can work as a food chemist, developing foods that taste better, are healthier and have longer shelf lives.

Food chemists are also responsible for analyzing the chemical components of foods for safety purposes.

5. Toxicologist

Chemists play an important role in the field of toxicology. Their main role is to determine and review the safety of additives, cosmetics, chemicals and other substances.

Toxicologists may also work to identify drugs or substances in a person’s system.

A degree in chemistry can provide an exciting career. Those who work in this field of science aren’t forced to work in a lab all day. There are several careers that allow chemists to work in the classroom or in a corporate setting.

Melissa Thompson
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