Eleven Things You Need For Back to School

As the new education term draws closer, you know it is time for you to start shopping for your back to school accessories. Yet, you know that although you have need for most school items, still you have to go easy on the cash since you will need money to spend while pursuing your education. Therefore, knowing which 11 things you need for back to school will get you in the driver seat so you do not have to overspend on unnecessary items.

Assignment helper

Assignment helpers in the form of essay writing services are online to help improve your essays so you can do a better job of writing compelling information in your pieces. This will help your essays stand out better and you can gain valuable experience from the additional help this service gives you.

School bag

To carry your books more efficiently, you will definitely need a school bag to get around with. It does not matter what age you are attending school, a school bag matters because you can pack all or most of your school items into it so you can easily find what you want to use during the day. Now, backpacks are what most students are carrying to school and buying a durable one to carry your books will not make you look out of place but will fit in nicely with your school appearance.


Sadly, recent reports show that many teachers no longer teach their students cursive writing. In many cases, this is because they are poor writers themselves.

Every student should take a pen to school to write with and without one you are a sitting duck for academic failure. Even if you are a college or university student who records each lecture with a tape recorder, you will still need a writing pen to jot down important things during class time.

To make it easier on your wallet, you can purchase pens wholesale and use them throughout the term. Remember, your pen is an important tool for you to receive a proper education.

books for back to school.Economy priced laptop

Technology is still booming and now as a college or university student you need to own a laptop to keep you up-to-date with new information, especially in the field you are majoring in. Make sure to buy a laptop and not a desktop computer though. While you can carry around a laptop from class to class, you cannot do so with a desktop since they are bigger, non-portable computers.

Some laptops can be expensive and others are economically priced. so if you are trying to save money, look for value for money such as the aluminium refurbished ones that cost less than $1,000. However, buying refurbished equipment can be scary so it its better you go through the manufacturers to get the laptop of your dreams.

An all-in-one printer

Spending money to print home work and assignments to hand in, sending and receiving faxes, scanning papers as well as copying vital information can all be cost consuming and if you are a full-time student chances are you do not have plenty money to waste. Therefore, it is better for you to buy an all-in-one printer to take care of your printing, faxing, scanning and copying needs. An all-in-one printer can do a much better job than a standalone printer can do so go after the more efficient one and save time and money.

An alarm clock

An alarm clock is vital for you so you awake in the early mornings to prepare for school and this is especially true if you are a heavy sleeper. You can buy an iPod alarm or an iLuv iMM153 to get you started in the early mornings. In addition, you should try to choose an alarm that has a great sounding quality that you can fall in love with easily so that waking up time is not a pain in the neck.


Headphones as being a part of your back to school accessories are important because they block out unwanted sounds so you can have your private time, especially when you are studying. You can find reasonable noise cancelling headphones to purchase as part of the 10 things you need to buy for back to school gears online or at stores in your home vicinity.


Depending on what level of education you are pursuing, a planner will come in handy. Take for example; if you are a sorority, chances are you will find a million and one things to do while you are pursuing your studies. Your planner therefore can keep you up-to-date with assignments, date events, formulas, tests and so on. Since you know that you are human and so might easily become forgetful, having an organized planner at your fingertips will help you get ahead in your field of study.

Your clothes

If you are living on campus during the school term then obviously you will need clothes to wear. You do not have to bring along your entire wardrobe mainly because at times you will be spending weekends and public holidays at home and will definitely need clothes to wear. It is therefore better for you to leave some at home so you do not have to travel back and forth with lots of luggage each time you visit your parents. However, do remember to pack enough garments to cover your body and to carry the right summer, fall and winter clothing so you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Cleaning supplies

As a college academic student, you will need enough cleaning supplies to keep your dorm, clothes and maybe your bathroom clean and fresh smelling at all times. Some cleaning items you will need to carry along are trash bags, air freshener, Clorox disinfectant wipes, fabric softener, detergent, stain remover and a collapsible laundry basket or bag. Note though that you should only take along green cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly and will cause no ill effects to your health.

What the university recommends

There is a good chance the university you are attending has a list of things online that you will need to have when you are starting your first year or returning to complete your studies. The list might show you things such as a mini-fridge, TV and so on and to make it easier on your pocket you can coordinate with your room mate to share the expenses with you. Take for example; your roomy can bring along the TV while you take a small refrigerator.


Getting an education can be fun and yet challenging on the other hand. You therefore have to get the 10 things you need for back to school beforehand so that you can always be one step ahead in the game. Once you have everything in place, you are good to go. Who knows, someday you might just look back and be thankful for the preparation you made while getting your education.