With Julie Harper, A Volatile Combination of Handguns and Drugs Proves Deadly!

Enough new information has emerged to warrant an update on the disturbing and petrifying saga of a dissipated housewife turned murderess, Julie Harper. By way of the process of pulling together a number of reliable news service reports (Nancy Grace, Carlsbad Patch, and NBC 7), I am able to fill in the picture considerably as to the particulars of the shooting of her husband (the Gentle Giant, Jason Harper) last Thursday, and I’m even able to hone in closer as to what’s behind the terrible defining moment (psychologically speaking).

Alright, so I’m a one man band (of a crime reporter), who has to do all of my own snooping around to find out what I can about a crime worthy of reporting to you (my ravenous audience).

julie harper ii

In this case, I can’t just fly out to Carlsbad, California and beat the street with all the upcoming local media types, and snatch-up an exclusive scoop that knocks the socks off the rest of the pitiable heap of ink slingers!

Yet, if you’ve been doing this long enough, you learn ways to pull a rabbit out of a hat, as far as leaning on secondary sources that may be endowed with inherent flaws and prejudices, that can impede there accuracy or trustworthiness.

Okay, so what I do, is read across the lines (of variegated sources) until I find threads of consistency, that lead me to a desert oasis of veracity and/or reliability.

Alright, so I’m punching a hot desert breeze (bullshitting) here, so let me turn this around on a dime 180 degrees and return to what (I think) was behind the shooting of Jason Harper (by Ms Harper).

One item I heard on NG last night (that sends up a huge red flag), is that Julie actually owns two handguns. Two handguns? What in the world would a housewife need with with two guns?

The whole bit with gun control appeared on the screen (of my mind) once again, and I didn’t get such a good feeling inside of me, when I thought of our country’s obsession with having to own as many firearms as possible, and for no good reason under the sun, I might add!

Okay, so what was going through this woman’s mind all day? Was Jason bullying her everyday? Yelling at her and controlling the money in perhaps a cruel fashion?

I’m seeing a few signs of this, but maybe it wasn’t quite as over the top as it seemed in Julie’s mind. But it could have been bad, I’ll remind you. The Gentle Giant was 6 foot nine, and could have been an imposing figure to Julie, even threatening.

And when he fell after being shot in his bedroom, the children downstairs heard a might THUMP, such as a redwood tree toppling to the ground after a proper chopping.

This is the impression I get from an NBC 7 report, so don’t fault me for expressing the first graphic metaphor that pops in my head. It is clear, however, one domestic violence call was made by Julie last November. Jason was asked to leave, so he must have gotten out of hand in this instance.

Yes, I believe this! Before I forget, the situation with Julie taking a whole bunch of prescription drugs, is really the most important update to this confounding story.

My hair stood on end (like Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) when I saw the checklist (grocery list) of prescription drugs Julie Harper was taking! Alright, let me type this out for you (and I’m not your local Walgreen’s pharmacist, I must insist): Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone (the generic for Vicodin).

To put it mildly, Julie was STONED OUT OF HER MIND! You’ll have to think hard here, brain children! Add firearms to powerful pharmaceuticals, and you can guess why this happened.

Kids Witnessed Dad’s Death: Officials | NBC 7 San Diego