Will America Be Safe With Bunch of ‘RINO’ At The Helm?

God knows we want to stop Socialism in this country and Obama is a Fabian Socialist. However, we have as the power-base of the GOP a bunch of RINO (Republican In Name Only). How many decades have we been saying “No More RINO, only to have the elite and the MSM stick us with one? And how many times have we said “this election is the most important of our lifetime, only to lose it to Lib/RINO because the base stayed home? Well this election is probably the most important of our lifetime, but with a twist, our future in in the hands of a choice between a Marxist and a bunch of Socialists.

So lets look at the possibilities, we elect a RINO, we get more of Bush’s “Kinder, Gentler Nation” BS, a continuation of capitulation to the leftists in office. Say we get stuck with Romney, we all know his closest advisor is a lobbyist and we know the GOP is held by special interests, so its a given we will continue to slide further left, or backwards as I see it. We know that he and Newt have no interest in killing the ethanol market, probably one of the worst scams since AGW (anthropogenic global warming) and because of AGW we have all this silly so called “Green” BS to contend with.

With that in mind, its nearly a given that they will not rein in the EPA. Keep in mind we are about to take back all three Houses and we would have RINO in all the top positions in all three of these Houses. So what do you actually think we will accomplish? Answer: Nothing, Nada, Zip! Just more of the same RINO policies starting with Bush #1. God knows I miss Reagan!!!!

Now the case for Obama, or Hussein as I prefer to call him. Lets say he does get in office, we still have both Houses that’s a given and don’t argue with me, we proved the Tea party has power and we will exercise it again and finalize our goals of making change, but we will still be stuck with RINO in power until we can do some serious weeding in committees.

Let us take a hypothetical approach for a moment, Hussein is POTUS for another four, I have had people say the worst thing he will do is appoint a lib to SCOTUS, fine, so he replaces a lib with a lib, because we know no Conservative would ever retire under a Marxist. So what else can he do that isn’t unconstitutional? Nothing, there is nothing he can do other than veto bills placed on his desk, brought forward by RINO, so the result will be stagnation. Seriously, is stagnation in Government all that bad? I personally don’t think so, it seems the best of times is when they are all on break, so think of stagnation as an extended break.

Now comes the fun part. With control of both Houses and RINO unable to forward their agenda, we can finally work on removing RINO as committee heads and get some Tea party people in charge, maybe even start gutting the EPA, something that will not happen with the current Lib, excuse me, RINO in power since they are controlled by unseen power brokers, (the money people pulling the strings for their own self-serving interests.)

Once changes start taking place the business community will feel safe in once again, growing their industries. The money is there, its just waiting for the moment its safe to release more than a trillion dollars back into the economy. Would they feel safe with a RINO at the helm, most likely, but we would still have the Old Guard doing what serves their best interests. Do you think they would put a stop to Hussein’s alternative energy debacle? Probably not, because they too are beholding to the same special interests that support the Green energy fraud. With the Tea party taking over committees we have a chance to change these ridiculous laws, for example, this one Hussein implemented, forcing energy utilities to purchase so called “Green Energy.” By killing laws like this we tie Hussein’s hands even further. There will be no reason to capitulate with Hussein, it is time that the left give up ground Lets face it, RINO have been capitulating to the Leftists for decades, its why we’re at this tipping point in history.

Well there you have it folks a brief look at the alternative to a RINO in office, I know it means dealing with the Devil, but isn’t it time to say “Enough is Enough, at what point do we finally start taking back our party? Four years from now when we have slid even further left? Voting for a RINO will only guarantee more entrenched RINO.

I hope this gives you pause and makes you think.

I am a Hardcore Tea party conservative that is fed up with the status quo and feel its time to force change in our party. Yes, I expect hate mail, but at the rate we are sliding further and further to the left, it won’t be long before you and I won’t have the option to voice our opinions. So lets send a message to these RINO, that we’re fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore!!!!

I’m not stupid, I know Hussein will pull more crap as time goes by, but seriously, could it really be any worse than the slide were already on?

I hate to say it, but its a fear factor that is in play, one the RINO are exploiting. And sadly, fear is an emotional response, something libs thrive on. I’m not saying those that disagree with me are liberal in the slightest, but they aren’t using the analytical part of the brain…

Its time for change and that time is now!!!

Tom Reiber
Author Tom Reiber, owner of conservativepoliticalforum.com He can be reached at the forum as Solar.