Why Do Republicans Bother to Go on Sunday News Shows?

Speaker John Boehner must have been seething after the one-sided interview he had yesterday with George Stephauopoulos.

House Speaker John Boehner toughened the already “do or die” strategy of Republicans Sunday. On the ABC news program “This Week,” Boehner gave a flat “no way” to any agreement to raise the nation’s debt ceiling unless it includes conditions to rein in deficit spending.

Boehner told host George Stephanopoulos, “I told the president, there’s no way we’re going to pass one. We’re not going down that path. It is time to deal with America’s problems. How can you raise the debt limit and do nothing about the underlying problem?”

The Obama Plan – Fingers In Ears

Obama’s plan is to keep spending, keep giving lip-service to restraint, and keep blaming everything on republicans. It seems to be working so far, but now republicans are calling his bluff.

The question of reopening the government received the same intransigent answer; “Absolutely not,” was Boehner’s reply without face-to-face negotiations with the Senate and Obama. That is if he personally gets involved rather than simply talking to his friendly press corps.

Republicans seek serious changes to the president’s signature healthcare law known as Obamacare, or officially the “Affordable” Care Act. Both Obama and the Democratic-led Senate have rejected that demand.

Obama claims it is the responsibility of Congress to raise the debt limit by an Oct. 17 deadline when the government will begin running short of the funds needed to pay its bills.

Obama – No Negotiations

The country is over $17 trillion in debt. Obama has said he will not negotiate with Republicans over that issue.

If there is to be negotiations with the Senate and perhaps Obama, Boehner said, “It begins with a simple conversation.” The biased news media eagerly jumped on Boehner’s use of the word “conversation.” Apparently many counted how many times he used it on “The Week – 122 times.”

The opposing sides appear to be in for a long standoff.

This all happening because the leader of the free world wants to take all his marbles and do more important things, such as go play golf.

Our nation is mired in more debt than ever before, and it has more than doubled since President Obama was sworn in, on January 20, 2009. Of course, the blame for that is placed on Republicans and George W. Bush.

Democrats – No Negotiations

Senate Democrats are doing their “same old, same old.” They aren’t prepared to negotiate on anything, reading out of Obama’s playbook. Just as they did passing Obamacare, Democrats are now preparing legislation to raise the nation’s debt limit, leaving the mess for future generations to fix – or crumble under. This legislation will be written while ignoring Republican conditions for anything to actually pass the House. The White House announced these childish intentions Monday.

Republicans will seek long-term deficit cuts or reforms to benefit programs and the possibility of major rollbacks on environmental rules. They see a need to compromise before raising the horrendous debt limit that stands at a whopping $16.7 trillion.

Just like the Obamacare (“Affordable” Care Act) one-year delay requested by the Republicans, the leader of the free world has already told the GOP he will not negotiate on the raising of the debt limit although he has said he is “willing to discuss fiscal and other issues” with the GOP once Republicans surrender their stance on Obamacare.


Proof Democrats Don’t Care About Limits

Obama’s ultra-partisan Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been quoted often saying he has exhausted the bookkeeping maneuvers he has been using to keep borrowing.


Where has all the extra money gone that was previously allocated with Republicans kicking and screaming? Is the treasury now the nation’s cookie jar to be raided for pet projects?

Economists say a default could trigger a financial crisis and recession that would echo 2008, or worse.

The sky is falling about every six months under president Obama.

Want some more Hope and Change?

Boehner Finally Wakes Up

Meanwhile, a rejuvenated and defiant House Speaker John Boehner demanded that Obama, as the nation’s leader, must negotiate on changes to the 3-year-old health care law and spending cuts if he ever wants to end the shutdown and avert default.

If not now America, when?

When is the time “right” to begin really fixing this broken economy and quit spending like drunken sailors (my apologies to the US Navy).

Boehner again warned the president, “We’re not going to pass a clean debt limit increase, I told the president, there’s no way we’re going to pass one. The votes are not in the House to pass a clean debt limit, and the president is risking default by not having a conversation with us.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., lashed out at Boehner in a prepared statement (naturally) accusing him of a “credibility problem” and calling on him to allow a vote on a straightforward bill to re-open the government.

Reid talks big for a little man with a tiny Senate majority.

Jack Lew Takes To Sunday News Shows

Treasury Secretary Lew went running to the Sunday News shows too – all of them.

In a series of Sunday television appearances on five news shows, Lew, acting very much like a partisan Democratic candidate instead of nonpartisan Treasury Secretary, said while Treasury expects to have $30 billion of cash on hand on Oct. 17, the money will be quickly be exhausted paying incoming bills.

Apparently, government payments can run up to $60 billion on a single day.

This may be the beginning of a political standoff of historic proportions that many have predicted since the day Obama was sworn in.

It’s about time.

Dwight L. Schwab Jr.
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