Why Did Teenager Zachary Davis Bludgeon His Mother Melanie Davis To Death?

When a mental picture appears in your mind of what Zachary Davis, 15, did to his own mom, Melanie Davis, 46, at around 11 PM on August 10th (in Hendersonville, Tennessee, which is located 18 miles northeast of downtown Nashville), internal mechanisms shut down (like Chernobyl). This is your own well-oiled conscience that prevents that real horror movie from playing freely in your head. That’s not to say you don’t realize it actually occurred!

‘Cuz it did, and right in the Davis’ home, which taken from news footage, looks substantially middle class and not too terribly extraordinary. But why did this teenager commit this brutal crime, of killing his own mother? Furthermore, why did Zachary choose a sledgehammer as his weapon of choice? And why this particular day of August 10th? What tumultuous forces brewed (like a unmerciful twister) in his addled mind?

zachary davis home
Zachary Davis Home

Was Zachary Davis, whose mental condition was highly unstable already, possibly exposed to violent movies or video games? I just thought of the Saw franchise, which is particularly atrocious in the way it sensationalizes violence. If a young man such as Zachary Davis were exposed to this type of sick entertainment, the consequences could be lethal, such as they already were, for other unenumerated reasons.

Well, perhaps we get some hint of Zachary’s problems from a statement made by his attorney, Randy Lucas. Zachary’s father died of Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2007 and apparently it was a long, drawn out process. I mean it was a slow death, and thoroughly traumatized the young Zack Davis. But what were his issues with his mother Melanie?

How did his mother Melanie Davis (who fared from Austria) get along with his father (whose name is not mentioned in the scant news reports available to us)? If for example, Melanie particularly loathed her husband, this would help to explain why a lethal breach in communications would fermented between Zack and his doomed mother. Yet I speak in hypotheticals, since nothing of this sort has been promulgated to the public (by way of the media).

zachary davis mother, melanie davis
Zachary Davis’ mother, Melanie Davis.

Well, back to square one, since we’re provided with so little evidence or information, other than Zachary took a sledgehammer to his mother, then set his brother’s bedroom on fire. His brother survived, but Zack intended to kill him too. What grudge did he have against his little brother, if any at all? Perhaps the juvenile Davis is simply possessed with evil? This is a recurring theme of so many horror films, but I suspect there’s a modicum of truth to this primitive Medieval-ism of Gothic superstitious.

Alright, so you know where I’m going with this! Okay, so I’m getting derailed, and off the coveted journalism train tracks a bit, but I’m capturing an angle that will piece together the puzzle succinctly, even if it’s only a synthetic simulation of a psychologically penetrating mosaic (a euphemism for phony baloney). Zack is a reincarnation, of sorts, of Michael Myers from the 1978 John Carpenter horror masterpiece Halloween, starring a very young Jamie Lee Curtis.

police outside zachary davis home.
Police outside Zachary Davis’ home.

I’m staring at the one available pic, published in the news, and Zachary Davis does look to be a trifle demonic or possessed by some evil spirit, unless my vivid imagination is photoshopping his visage with my own cranky cerebral software (which is the older but wiser edition of Adobe Photoshop)! Yet, why didn’t all these teachers, neighbors, family, etc. see that Zack was becoming unhinged where he would enact a crazy plan to commit ungodly matricide?