Why Did a Deranged Hispanic Woman Push a Man To His Death at a Queens’ Subway?

Did an Hispanic woman know her victim, who she pushed to his death onto a subway track in Queens? Why’d she do it? Is she suffering with mental health issues? Does she realize she was captured on video fleeing her dastardly deed done (to Queens Boulevard), at the 7 subway line connection (40th Street at Lowery Street, Sunnyside, Queens)? Witnesses said the heavyset woman was mumbling and trailing the unidentified man, but then sat down on a bench in back of him.

This may be premature, but it looks as if she had planned this crime all along. Not that she really knew him, I don’t think she did, but I sense, she knew she was going to push this poor man, just at the right moment, in front of the speeding Flushing-bound train. An extension of my suspicion that she planned the pushing, is that this doesn’t mean she wasn’t suffering from mental illness. On the contrary; it reinforces she was totally deranged!

queens subway 7

A video of the running suspect (5-foot-5, female, Hispanic, about 190 pounds, between 20 and 25 years old, with short, dark, curly hair) was made from a surveillance camera located at Giovanni Briones’ pizzeria. The New York police should be able to apprehend the suspect, since we’ve been given such a good description of her, and even have moving images of this troubled, bolting culprit.

Accounts too ghastly to replicate here, tell of the loud thumping noise when the train ran amuck over this poor doomed man, who was so startled with shock, he didn’t even scream out! Needless to say, he knew his demise was but a second away. It’s reported, some witnesses shut their eyes, since they didn’t wish to see him run over. They knew nothing could be done to turn back the tide of fate, you might surmise.

The loud noise of the train hitting the man was noticeable both to those on the very train that did it, as well as to those standing on what looks like more of an open-air platform (as opposed to an underground subway station). Not to sensationalize it anymore than need be, but this was my takeaway from scouring the dailies, which have rushed the nightmare (for a news hungry public) to the printing press.

Furthermore, fresh accounts make light (by way of analogy) of a similar mesmerizing subway pushing-homicide of Ki-Suck Han, which occurred just December 3rd in Times Square. A photo taken of Ki-Suck Han, just a second before he was hit by an oncoming train, was published by the New York Post, and went viral in the wink of an eye! The Queens subway killing wasn’t photographed, but can’t be eliminated as a possible copy-cat of Ki-Suck Han.

It is conceivable, this could be true, it could be a mirroring of Times Square. With this theory in mind, this crazy Hispanic lady could have seen the Dec 3rd nightmare become a reality on TV, then she schemes to do something similar herself, possibly because she felt some rage and anger towards the world (or maybe it was just one individual who she thought had wronged her?).

In any case, you’re naturally going to make a clear-as-day connection between these two random subway homicides. We’ll have to see if the NYPD can arrest her in the next few days. I suspect somebody knows her well and knows she’s the one who committed this terrible act. Also, we’ll find out who the helpless victim is shortly, who seems to have been at the wrong place at the wrong time (unless it’s one of those complex plots such as Gene Hackman in The Conversation).

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