What Explains Disconnect of ‘Professionalism’ and Passion in Hemy Neuman?

What shocks me most about these people is how professional they are. This is why the cold-blooded shooting death of Rusty Sneiderman on November 18th is so disturbing. As I watched footage of Hemy Zvi Neuman in Dekalb County Magistrate’s Court yesterday, his demeanor was cool, calm and collect, eerily professional, as if he already knew how this scene would play out. It was in the cards, part of his work plan.

The disbelief comes from the disconnect between the people involved and the charged event at Dunwoody Prep Preschool. Most scary of all for me, is that a week before the shooting, Rusty had spotted a prowler in his backyard and had called the police. This surely was Neuman stalking Rusty, who must have been looking out for patterns of behavior, identifiable habits with which to forge a plan.

hemy zvi neuman
Hemy Neuman was one cool cookie in court yesterday. What explains his deepseeded rage towards Rusty Sneiderman?

Up to this point no motive has been proposed. This sends our collective imaginations reeling, spinning out of control, as the news media establishes that the wife, Andrea Sneiderman had as her supervisor at GE, one Hemy Zvi Neuman. Right from the get go, investigative pundits have said this killing was personal, a crime of passion. This now seems all the more true. Yet the considerable portion of wrath must have some source, otherwise it’s ineffable?

The zaniest thing, or maybe sinister is a more preciser word, is the fact that Andrea and Hemy continued to function in the work place for a month and a half after the shooting of Rusty. What was that all about? Did Andrea, at any time, ever conceive of Hemy as a suspect? This would get at the root of her relationship (or lack of) to Neuman. And what about the police sketch that was released back in November?

hemy and police sketch
To me, the police sketch of the shooter and Hemy Neuman are a match, minus the fake beard. Did it dawn on Andrea that her supervisor was the culprit?

Did Andrea connect the dots? The mug of Hemy and the police sketch do look a lot alike, if you remove the beard. Did it dawn on Andrea that her boss was possibly the shooter? I don’t see how it couldn’t have ever crossed her mind? She seems like a bright lady, who knows, maybe she’s the one who alerted the police of her suspicions. This is getting creepy, when you really think about it. You take orders everyday from a man who murdered your loving husband just a few weeks prior.

And what evidence did the police obtain in order to arrest this character, Hemy Neuman? I heard, they didn’t get the gun. Therefore, it must be the car, the silver, late model Dodge minivan that nabbed him. That is, there were good surveillance cameras around the Dunwoody area there, near Atlanta, that could have captured the getaway. This implies also that Neuman used his own vehicle. Or could they have gotten to him from a different direction?

By way of an informant, or perhaps even Andrea herself? I’m digging. Don’t know. One thing I’m certain of, though, is that Neuman had built up some kind of grudge against Rusty, and I mean a very big grudge. Huge in fact! His professional credentials practically guarantees his objectivity and remoteness; this is clumsy, his capacity to check his passionate surge of emotions, I mean. Yet he couldn’t!

andrea and rusty sneiderman
Did Andrea and Rusty have a loving marriage?

Therefore, I suspect he had strong feelings, romantic aspirations directed at Andrea. This is the only way I can explain the twist and turn of events that morphs from the highest level career professionalism, on the part of all three of them, to the depths of human depravity that ultimately results in despicable homicide.

I’m not saying that Andrea and Hemy were having an affair, I don’t know that. But it could have been this man just had an obsession with her, and wanted to take control of her life. What better way to achieve his goal, but by eliminating her hubby. She may have not even known about his crush?

Too much speculation, I’m sorry my friend. I’m finding the same phenomenon is happening to me. I’m trying to be an objective reporter, but my feelings are running rampant, all over the woods with no tether or leash to curtail my tiny tempest in a teapot. I realize more pertinent clues will be revealed, but I want immediate gratification!

I know you’re with me on this and will forgive me in the long run. But the powers that be at GE must be FREAKING OUT! Damage control nowhere to be found. Technology giants, lost souls.