Well That Was Fun! 5 Awesome Party Games for Adults

Games can really make or break a party. What you decide on playing can liven up the party or make everyone feel awkward.

If Pictionary rings a bit lame, and beer pong feels a little too juvenile(we’re not in college after all) here are 5 great party games for adults.

These games are low-tech(non-gamers rejoice) and can work with friends or strangers.

5 Party Games For Adults

Who Am I?

This game is played in teams of two where one person draws or acts out a famous person from a slip of paper drawn. The other person on the team has to guess who the famous person is.

This is an engaging, low-tech game, with no extra accessories that you need to buy. You can use slips of paper or sticky notes and a bowl to draw the names.

There are plenty of other variations of this game, choose one that works best with you and your guests. There is also an app version that you can find for iPhone or Android.


The goal of Spoons is to match 4 of a kind before anyone else and grab a spoon to secure your spot into the next round.

You’ll need a deck of cards without jokers, one less spoon than the current number of people playing(up to 13 people can play).

If you have a large number of people at your party(go you) then you can have multiple games going on and have the winners of those games go head to head.

The last 2 people standing are the winners.

Press Conference

In the game Press Conference, one person holds a press conference and the other people in the room are journalists who ask that person questions.

The journalists know who the famous person is, and it’s through the questioning that the person holding the press conference tries to guess who they are.

This is another great, low-tech game that can be played with little to no props. You can dress and stylize it however you want.

Reverse Charades

This game is good for at least 8 people, as you’ll want to split into teams of 4-6 people.

Much like charades, you’ll need a piece of paper that have words that people can act out. You can use cards from other games, a sample list, or even an online word generator that generates charade ideas.

The difference(and why it’s “Reversed”) is that instead of a group trying to guess and a person acting it out, it’s the other way around.

One person is the guesser and the rest of the group acts out the charade.

So this is why you’ll need at least 2 teams going against each other.

Acting out a charade in a group vs. doing it solo will definitely add a lot more fun and complications to getting everyone’s idea across and is a fun twist on an old classic.

This is one of those party games for adults where similar to escape rooms, teamwork, and communication(non-verbal) will help your team succeed.

The game is continued until everyone has had a chance to be a guesser, and the team with the most guesses wins.


Werewolf is a murder-mystery-style game ideal for large groups of people.

There are 3 types of players, Villagers, a Seer, and Werewolves. A moderator is also present who moves the game along.

Each player is secretly assigned one of the above three roles.

There are two phases in the game – day and night. During the night phase, villagers and the seer close their eyes, and the werewolf kills off one of the players.

During the day phase, if they weren’t killed by the Werewolf, the Seer can ask if someone is a werewolf or not. The villagers then vote on who the Werewolf is.

Werewolves win when the number of Villagers equals the number of Werewolves. Villagers win if all the Werewolves are killed.

The truth is, a little bit of deception will go a long way in this game.

While it’s better to play with people you know, playing with total strangers can reveal a lot about who that person is!

Adult Party Games Don’t Have To Be Complicated

As you can see, there’s plenty of party games for adults that only require scraps of paper.

We suggest that you give your partygoers a few options so people feel involved in the process and or more likely to participate.

Ultimately it’s up to you, your creativity and enthusiasm to create a welcoming environment for everyone who goes to your party.

If you want to learn more about adult games you can go out with a group and play together, come check us out!

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