UN Gives Lesson to Vuk Jeremic, Not Voted as Next Secretary-General

The debacle of the Serbian ex-former Minister Vuk Jeremic who didn’t get the majority votes of the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council to be nominated for the next the UN Secretary-General, should be a lesson for him and his country, Serbia. The lesson is that they, now and for ever must give up their hegemonism and militarism in the Balkans Peninsula.

They must do this if Serbia wants to be a respectable member of the United Nations as well as becoming a member of the European Union and NATO. Otherwise, Serbia’s perspective will be black and without any real hope, just as 100 years ago when she caused several wars, aggressions and genocides in the Balkans. Their aim was the illegal conquest of the territories of the neighbor countries particularly of the Ethnic Albania(1912-1999).

The members of the UN Security Council who didn’t vote for Serbian candidate Vuk Jeremic for the next Secretary-General did the best rational job. According to the UN mission as the world peace Organization, it is much more important to defend general interests. THose interests are integrity, values, principles, objectives etc. defined by the United Nations Charter. Defending these interests is more important than an individual careerist interest with Serbian nationalistic content. Serbian nationalistic interests are contrary to UN principles and objectives in preserving international freedom, peace, security, development and welfare around the globe.

– Vuk Jeremic, have a good trip back to Serbia!

Jeremic lost his historical chance to become UN Secretary-General due to his hating, racism and exhibition of Serbian nationalism, especially against Albanians and their independent country Kosovo. Jeremic swore that “Kosovo would join the UN over my dead body.”

Vuk Jeremic thought the Chair of the UN General Assembly (he was Chairman from July 2912 to July 2013) is Serbia’s Parliament Chair in Belgrade. He wanted to use it to insult and threaten Albanians, Muslims, Croatians, and others.

That was a fatal political and diplomatic mistake by Jeremic because his threatening commitment that: “Kosovo would join the UN over my dead body” had no common connection with the body of the UN. It was very stupid to avow such a threatening statement from the podium of the General Assembly of the UN, as Vuk Jeremic did during his a year as chairman of the General Assembly of the UN (July 2012 – July 2013).

Being that Vuk Jermic pleaded as a racist against Albanians, because he was not humane, principled, tolerant, objective, democrat, peaceful nor diplomatic, made his fatal mistake that cost him the possible closure of his career heading the United Nations (GA and SC).

It is clear, with the United Nations peaceful mission and actions (1945-present) that there’s no room at its bodies (SC, GA, ICJ … etc.) for any racist person such was Serbian former Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic who didn’t understand nor assess’ right the UN Charter and the other procedures Otherwise he wouldn’t sing Serbian nationalistic songs and threaten from the General Assembly Chair as a its President (July 2012-July 2013).

Serbian racist Vuk Jeremic (as a “wise diplomat”) would have known and understood that the UN is not Serbia’s assembly, presidency, or government. Instead, it is the humane and peaceful Organizations of all world coming together. It is not for a corrupt state such as Serbia, which, between 1990-1999 committed three aggressions and genocide against Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

As noted, the United Nations mission is salvation and preservation of the welfare of all humanity from disasters and various risks either natural or human (1945-2016), not to help Serbia to kill, terrorize and displace Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Albanians.

Congratulations To Mr. Antonio Guterres!

On October 5, 2016 in New York, the UN Security Council elected the best and most deserving candidate for the post of the Secretary-General, Portuguese Antonio Guterres. Congratulations Mr. Guterres! Congratulations to his nation – Portugal that succeeded in having its distinguished personality at the top of the United Nations. This is a great victory for the UN and Portugal on the international stage.

Surely, this was historic news to the world in 2016, because the UN Security Council selected the best person for the job. It did not select the former Serbian Foreign Minister because he did not meet the conditions of the UN Charter.

Not selecting Vuk Jeremic for the Secretary-General of the UN was the biggest victory of the United Nations, because in this way also has been eliminated the suspicion that the UN “has deviated” from its historic and justice mission of peace with universal character.

Portuguese representative Antonio Guterres was a two term (1995 – 2003) successful former Prime Minister of Portugal, and for the last ten years (2000- 2015), the High Commissioner of UNHCR.

Congratulations to Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon for his work and for overseeing the right decision that Antonio Guterres become the next United Nations Secretary-General.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.