What Type of Man Wears Meggings?

Simply put Meggings are leggings that are worn by men that became popular due to women. The tides have changed as there are a plethora of men in all walks of life utilizing the comfort of Meggings on a daily basis. The following are different situations to wear meggings along with people who have already started wearing them.


Athletes from all sports often wear leggings and this goes from “manly” sports like football to sports like swimming. Michael Phelps often times could be seen on a pool deck sporting compression leggings or regular leggings depending on the weather outside of the pool. With the breathable material that Kapow’s Mens Meggings offer, you will be able to wear these leggings in any climate without overheating. NBA players often times wear leggings in order to prevent burns from diving on the floor on their legs. Leggings can be the perfect attire to lift weights in as you do not have to worry about them falling down or getting caught on something. Baggy shorts can be tough to do squats in and can get caught on a machine or a weight leading to an accident. Leggings can also help reduce chaffing if a runner is going to go a long distance.

Those Traveling For Business or Pleasure

Traveling is one of the most uncomfortable things a person can imagine especially for a larger male flying. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure Meggings are a cool and comfortable way to travel. If you are heading to an informal business meeting then you can wear your leggings but for more formal meetings you should dress similar to other meeting attendees. Wearing some type of compression like leggings offer can be great for comfort especially if you are prone to overheating. For those people traveling for pleasure you can wear a variety of leggings during your vacation.


Celebrities often times start new trends with the clothes they decide to appear or perform in. One of the first big names to sport leggings in front of a worldwide audience was Anthony Keidis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Keidis started a global conversation after performing at the Super Bowl in 2014 during the halftime show. Leggings for men have grown since that point with a variety of celebs sporting them. Music festivals are full of meggings with big names like Justin Beiber sporting them frequently. Festival outfits can be completed perfectly as the wild colors that leggings come in know no bounds.

What People Are Saying About Meggings

20 years ago a male would have been laughed out of a room if they showed up in leggings. With celebs as well as athletes accepting meggings as fashionable has made society much more accepting of this fashionable trend. There might be some circles that are not as accepting but it will only be a matter of time until this trend overtakes a majority of male groups. More and more of these leggings can be seen in the office as a comfortable alternative to jeans or khakis. Popular culture has spoken and meggings are on the rise, don’t miss out on the fashionable and extremely comfortable alternative to pants.

Meggings are here to stay with a variety of well-known people embracing the trend. This trend will become a staple of fashion before you realize it, take a look and buy some leggings or meggings today!

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.