Is Twitter a DNC Operation, Censoring #ObamaGate On Full Display

If any more proof was needed that Twitter is not an open, free speech way for all people to communicate with others, that additional proof came yesterday with #ObamaGate.

Since the US Department of Justice (DOJ) released documents to show that former president Barack Obama was involved closely with the hoax Russia Investigation of Donald Trump, the #ObamaGate hashtag has been making the twitterstream spin out of control.

On days 2 and 3, it should be #1 on the twitter “Trending Chart” but it no longer appears there.

Twitter is once more outed as a propaganda tool for the left. They are censoring things the Democrat left doesn’t like. #ObamaGate was trending the day before, with more than 2 million tweets, but the twitter censors blocked it from reaching the trending list yesterday and today.

The use of that hashtag has not only remained, it has increased.

The twitter censors apparently don’t want people to hear that Barack Obama was the first president to use the FBI, CIA, IRS and other departments against his successor. They also don’t want the world to know that Obama orchestrated an attempted coup against Trump, both before and after he was elected.

Twitter is acting as though it was part of the DNC, trying to run down the Trump Administration and boosting Democrats.

Obamagate hashtag. Image by NewsBlaze
Obamagate hashtag. Image by NewsBlaze

It has taken more than three years for this damning news against Obama to finally come out. Up until this week, it had been a rumor, banished to the “conspiracy theory” trash bin by the democrats and media. Now it can no longer be hidden – except by the twitter censors, of course.

Democrats like Adam Schiff and their media lapdogs were hiding the evidence all along. They never thought that Hillary Clinton would lose. They thought their secret was safe. But then Donald Trump thrashed Hillary Clinton on election day. That’s when they went into overdrive to destroy Flynn and Trump.

The twittersphere is going wild with this news, and twitter’s censors were working overtime to stop #ObamaGate showing up in the Trending lists. They couldn’t stop it initially, because there were millions of tweets – so they eventually banned it.

Will Democrat Voters Wake Up?

The world now knows that Obama used the government apparatus to try to interfere with the 2016 election, and then his minions, aided by the Never-Trump republicans, who were really Democrats anyway, kept the Russia-hoax going.

Here is Terence K. Williams in a video tweet, asking Obama to confess to #ObamaGate and asking democrat voters to wake up.

Here is @ThorWarrior1 retweeting Terrence K. Williams, noting that twitter is disappearing millions of tweets to keep #ObamaGate out of the Trending timeline.

Even Donald Trump tweets #ObamaGate.

What Prompted This #ObamaGate Hashtag Surge

What prompted the onset of this hashtag surge was the dropping of the fake case against General Michael Flynn and Barack Obama’s feigned outrage over Rule of Law.

Here is Tucker Carlson explaining what it’s all about:

Strangely, millions of Democrats seem to be OK with government departments going rogue and destroying people’s lives. It seems they can’t be blamed for that, because their immoral “leaders” and RINOs are pushing hard for it to continue.

Thankfully, there are a lot of democrats who now realize their party has no morals whatsoever. They’ve seen three years of constant lies from Clapper, Comey, Rice, Schiff, and this week Obama jumped in, showing his hand. But it won’t do them any good, because their beloved Deep State is being dismantled, piece by piece.

Through the lap-dog media, Clapper, Comey, Rice, Schiff, and others, constantly told America and the world that there was plenty of evidence Donald Trump was a Russian asset. But now the congressional transcripts have been released, proving they had zero evidence. So they were lying. What we don’t know is whether they lied to everyone through the media or whether they lied to congress.

In Australia, the national broadcaster has been showing its Deep State connections for three years, mercilessly bashing Donald Trump every day. They are strangely quiet now, about the whole General Flynn affair and the trending of ObamaGate.

In other news, Chuck Todd openly showed his hand, attacking the Attorney General by selectively editing an interview and accusing the AG of not saying something he did say, 1-2 seconds further into the interview. This on display for the world to see, showing once more the reason for Donald Trump calling the media “The Enemy of The People.”

Anyone who thought that Barack Obama had integrity, thought Chuck Todd had integrity, thought that NBC was a real news station, may be rethinking their position now. Certainly, many media people are tweeting about Chuck Todd today. The game is out in the open for all to see.

Just 5 seconds before publishing this, I see that NBC has apologized for “inadvertently and inaccurately” editing the Barr interview. One small step!

It is very sad – but #ObamaGate is a great thing to tweet.

Alan Gray
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