Traitors and Corrupt Leaders Dominate Nepal

The Nepalese nation is in disarray because the regime has always been in the grip of traitors and corrupt leaders. In the name of democracy, from 1990, the national state treasury was dominated by the politicians who were in power.

After the establishment of an all-party system in 1990, the week when Krishna Prasad Bhattarai became the Prime Minister of the interim rule, 10 Nepal Police personnel were killed in broad daylight. All murderers, corrupts and criminals jailed during the Panchayat period were released by taking commission.

In 1991, Girija Prasad Koirala became the Prime Minister. After becoming the premier, Koirala Congressionized the nation’s administrative management and introduced several, plans and pilfered state coffers. Koirala until 1994, sold 12 organizations and industries contributed by China, taking millions as commission. He drained the nation’s economy through the Boeing, Damija and Lauda scams in the name of suppressing communist- the suppression impelled Maoist revolution.

Congress leader, Sherbahadur Deuba who became Prime Minister after the Supreme Court forcibly reinstated the abolished parliament in 1995, became a man in no man’s land. After becoming PM, Deuba devised various ideas to retain the power. Deuba declared pensions for parliamentarians; increased allowances by 10 times the number then provided them with Prado and Pajero vehicles. He also led the anti-nationalist Mahakali Treaty. He provided the platform for many corrupts in the cabinet to drain the nation’s money.

Due to their notorious activities of Maoists, the non-starter government could not move and Maoist Prachanda resigned without reason. The Maoists intention to establish the one-party rule by money and guns constitutes the essence of power. Now, the Maoists want to destroy the system of the court as well as the norms of national Army to establish a totalitarian Stalinist state and isolate Nepal from the international arena in pursuit of their antiquated ideology.

After the resignation the PM-Madhab Nepal, the Maoist leader Prachanda and UML leader Jalanath applied a tactics- ‘each cheat the other, each need the other.’ Both leaders signed in seven points secret agreements. Among the points the provisions forming the separate force of Maoist combatants and both leaders turn by turn by forging long-term. Now, being the position of Maoist is- ‘between the horns of dilemma, Maoist has accepted to join the government. Jhalanath (UML) is corrupt, nonsense and visionless man. What can you expect from a person, who attempted to destroy the government of Madhav Nepal, a leader of his own party? How shameful that such visionless people became the PM of Nepal? Crows are never the white for washing.’

What can we expect when wrong elements come to power? So, to safeguard the nationality and democracy, the King ought to be re-established, and the parliamentary democracy should be strong. Equally, the political leaders must be patriotic & be true to what they say. Nepal has become the playground of foreigners. The problem will only be resolved when the King and the nationalist people’s leaders are together in Nepal. What were pitfalls of the Constitution of 1990? Why was it suspended without reason? What kind of new constitution would we require?

Why has India supported the Constituent assembly? This Indian conspiracy is the causes of crisis in Nepal. The Nepalese people are feeling that the country in the worst situation in Nepalese history. The Constitution-1990 has been forcibly abducted by the same vicious circle by using the modes of unilateral and undemocratic process. It would be right medication to Nepal to reinstate the ‘constitution-1990’ in order to fill-up the democratic and constitutional gap with the presence of monarchy, political parties and nationalist forces including the army, police and court and various organs of the nation. That is all.