The Recent 2 Billion Dollar Gift to Brazil

I am confused.

I am hoping someone can help me understand.

First, some recent history.

We all remember the “Drill, baby drill” chant from the Republican National Convention last year. Republicans called for domestic exploration of oil, to help the United States end its dependency on oil from countries that don’t like us much.

September 2008: Candidate Obama mocked the GOP delegates during a rally at a community college in Flint, Michigan. “What kind of slogan is that? I can see if you’re like, cheerleaders for Exxon Mobil, but that’s not a vision for the American future.”

Also September 2008: Jen Psaki, a spokeswoman for the Obama campaign said, “While John McCain’s plan for energy independence stats and ends with drilling, Barak Obama will invest in renewable energy, and create 5 million jobs.”

In the New York Times, September 18th, 2008: Thomas Friedman writes an article titled, Making America Stupid. “Why would Republicans, the party of business want to focus our country on breathing life into 19th century technology- foccil fuels rather than giving birth to a 21st century technology- renewable energy.”

During the Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin: Candidate Biden said, “We should be creating jobs. John McCain has voted 20 times against funding alternative energy sources, and thinks the only answer is drill, drill, drill.”

December 17th, 2008: Seven environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Land Management to stop the lease of 110 thousand acres in Utah to oil and gas companies. Actor and Director, Robert Redford gave a satellite interview. “They’ve been trashing the environment ever since they came in, almost as if they had a duty to do so.”

February 2009: Actor Ted Danson, who sits of the board of Oceana, – an ocean advocacy group, testified before congress. “You will create more jobs by investing in clean energy.”

Why are these important?

August 18th, 2009: President Barak Obama agreed to give two billion dollars to Petrobas – Brazil’s largest oil company to explore off shore drilling near Rio de Janeiro.


Are you confused too?

Maybe it is not confusing after all.

In 2008, George Soros, (28th richest person in America) gave over 3 million dollars to Democrats. In 2004, he gave 20 million dollars to the effort to defeat President Bush in his reelection. He founded the group,, which gave 88 million dollars to Obama’s campaign. He has given 5 million dollars to Health care for America now, which has been pushing the current health care reform making its way through congress.

On August 15, 2009, Soros made an 811 million dollar investment, purchasing stock in Petrobas, the same oil company that will receive the 2 billion tax dollars from the United States.

Oh…. now I get it.