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Jeff Randall is a 14 year middle school teacher (7th grade). Jeff has been interested in writing since college, and is following his passion. Contact Jeff through NewsBlaze.

The Recent 2 Billion Dollar Gift to Brazil

We all remember the 'Drill, baby drill' chant from the Republican National Convention last year. Republicans called for domestic exploration of oil, to help the United States end its dependency on oil from countries that don't like us much.

Good News and Bad News

The President may want to jump in front of a camera when there are positive things to say, but he should be prepared to take credit for both the good news, and the bad.

Musings of An Economic Conservative

The federal government gave money they borrowed, to states that can't balance their books, so that some families who already receive welfare get $200 per child of extra welfare money to spend any way they like.

The Great Recession is Over?

Just last month, the national news magazine's cover announced this good news to the world with the caveat, 'good luck surviving the recovery'. I would like this to be true, but history tells me otherwise.

How Republicans Can Win Back Power in Washington

Just 4 years ago, the Republican party had it all. Now they are just an afterthought. Time for some changes.