The Dangerous Plight of Nepal – 2010

It is hard to move into darkness but once we do, there will be immense independence. All sorts of activities can be carried out openly in the dark without fearing that anyone is watching.

Yesterday, Maoists were in the dark, they were free to plunder and kill people. These Maoists have now come into the limelight. It is always easy to move towards light, but it is difficult to carry out nefarious activities openly. After the Maoists came into the light, everything became transparent. Maoists boast of political revolution – a revolution that boasts of banks being robbed and infrastructure being destroyed, a revolution, which has killed Nepali citizens, police and patriotic military personnel.

But the Maoists have been hiding the truth even after entering the light. Maoists that took up the people’s rebellion against the misleading governance of Congress and UML are currently in a chaotic situation. They have come up with agendas such as republic, secularism and ethnic autonomy.

Is this also the agenda of the Nepali people? In a political analytical perspective since the Maoists came into the light from darkness, they have put themselves in a difficult position like that of a pumpkin blossoming on top of a cliff.

The question arises over the nationality of the Maoists who broke the 24 April, 2006 agreement reached with the monarchy and sowed the seeds of secularism, republic and federalism. Maoists took over governance and fled. Are not the activities of strikes and declaration of ethnic states under the pretext of civilian supremacy a weapon that would disintegrate the nation?

It cannot be understood from where the federal ethnic states are being directed. Prachanda has been double-talking all the time- claiming and declaiming and retracting his own statements. His activists kill people and act like they are crying in repentance. There is a pledge to take action against the murderers but then the same perpetrator is supported. It is heard that Baburam Bhattarai and Mohan Vaidya have exchanged heated debate and they do not talk anymore. Matrika Yadav defected. It is the same thing to label a tag of whore to a wife that leaves you and label a defector a liar.

The present situation is not as easy for the Maoists as it was when they stayed in the jungles. Nepali Congress’ Girija is the destroyer of this nation. The same party’s favourite leader Ganeshman had called him so. Like the Dhumketu curse on the planet, Girija is a curse for this nation.

Prachanda went to Singapore to visit the ailing Girija, who had been admitted for treatment, and proposed him the post of president with Indian officers from its investigative agency. Everyone is well acquainted that Girija follows anyone with money.

It is not easy for traitors that deceived the people after 24 April, 2006. The secret held by Girija and the Maoists has been revealed. The Maoists are likely to fall from the cliff for their inability to walk properly. Like the adage, “hundred days of priest is one for a thief”, it is very clear from their intentions as to who is under how much water, be it the NC, UML, Madhesi leaders or Maoists.

The unholy and non-nationalist coalition does not last long.

Despite the fact that Girija has drained the state coffers, no one raises any voice for action. It must not be forgotten that China has helped construct Araniko Highway, Prithvi Highway, Chakrapath, Kathmandu-Bhaktapur Highway, Trolley Bus, Bansbari Leather Shoes factory, Harisidhi Brick-Tile Factory, Sunkoshi Hydro Power Project, Godowns in Kathmandu and Birgunj, Bhaktapur Brick Factory, Narayanghat Gorkha Road, Hetauda Cloth Factroy and others.

But China never patronized and blackmailed Nepal in return for all those supports like India. But sadly after NC came to power after 1991, Girija Prasad Koirala sold all those Chinese factories under Indian direction. He dismantled all the national factories and transformed Nepal into an Indian bazaar, creating unnecessary problems. Girija orchestrated the air kidnapping, murders and printed fake currency notes in India to earn a living. Are the Maoists also trying to bankrupt the nation to earn a living?

Those who have vandalized the statues of former kings Prithvi Narayan Shah, Tribhuvan, Mahendra and Birendra are foreign brokers. No one will believe if one shouts to hide the mistakes. Those are in disarray that dug for wells even though water was flowing from the tap. Character and stance holds an important position in politics. Political leaders should not be tainted. The leadership side must remain a favourite among the people.

Mistakes happen during works. The leadership must have the potential to correct the mistakes through timely acknowledgment. Girija, Madhav Nepal and Prachanda are stinking after falling in the Indian sewer after their mistakes came to light.

No one will become great by secretly attacking others. Those who cannot free themselves of post, money and revelry are entitled to be despised.

Those who have destroyed the royal institution, Hindu identity and other identities of unity of Nepal are foreign brokers. They look for light of glow-worm. It is worthless to hope from them. To save this nation from such a dangerous plight and from drowning, all nationalist Nepalese, nationalists from all the parties, court, security sources, national army, employees, labourers, farmers and king must work arduously.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.