Story Turns on a Dime! Amy Henslee Killed By Husband’s Cousin, Junior Beebe!

Lots of confusion yesterday. Now it’s clear, two bodies found at a remote trailer. James Henslee’s cousin, Junior Beebe, owns the trailer. When James went home to check on his wife, his house was locked. This means the door was locked from the outside. Amy Henslee must have left willingly with someone she knew. Amy had on a black nylon coat and black Puma shoes with pink stripes, left her purse behind. Had no cell phone.

Hartford, Michigan bombarded with media over the past few days. A neighbor Wendy Boyd appears with James on Good Morning America. CNN and Fox News feature stories on the missing mother. Now it appears that Wendy Boyd is a key witness in what happened at the small grey house Monday morning. Indeed, it’s odd that she’s both the family spokesperson and key witness.

amy henslee
Amy Henslee

Wendy saw a black pick-up truck at the Henslee home between 9 and 9:30 AM. last Monday, January 24th, the time when Amy went missing. James put two and two together and realized this truck was his cousin’s, Junior Beebe. The husband had called his cousin and questioned him about him dropping by. Cousin said he was just borrowing something.

One wonders whether James was suspicious of his cousin? Three more days go by before dogs trace Amy’s scent from her house to the remote trailer of Beebe, which was used as a hunting cabin. Lots of blood was discovered and two partially buried bodies. What’s the distance between the Henslee house and the cousin’s trailer?

This is unusual the way the story played out in the media, at first with great hope that the 30-year-old mother of two would be found soon. At this very moment I’m staring at an article that was posted just yesterday by ABC News, Missing Michigan Mom Amy Henslee Is Still Alive, Police Say. The situation turns on a dime in the early evening hour yesterday.

Junior Beebe
Cousin Junior Beebe is the killer.

Somehow I sense that a few people did have a premonition of what had taken place. This is what makes earlier accounts, which were exaggerated in the media, all the more startling in terms of painting a rosy picture, when actually just the opposite turned out to be true. And for the key witness to be the family spokesperson, greeting the news cameras, pleading for the wife’s safe return to an anxious national audience, is a kind of ironic twist only William Shakespeare could have imagined.

“We’ve got nothing that says to us there was any foul play, there was any scuffle in the house, there was any abduction. We have no information that shows us any of that.” Words of Lt. Bill Lux from the Van Buren County Police Department. “Time’s going by and you’re just worried that you’re not going to find her and that’s what kills you the most.” Words of the husband James Henslee.

Did the cousin have a record? Had he ever bothered Amy before? We may soon find out. This one is not coming across right for me. Something is making me feel uneasy. It’s not just the tragic circumstances of how things turned out, but it’s also how the story evolved in the media, the way it was projected to millions, it reminded me of Susan Powell last year. Yet it seems contrived, canned, a copycat of Susan’s, where suddenly thousands join a sympathetic Facebook page, but the connections made were based on a false pretense.

Examine this for yourself. I might be wrong, but an uneasy feeling comes over me. Husband was duped by the media. Premonitions of horror on his face as he lets his neighbor ramble on to a TV camera.

henslee house
The Henslee House in Hartford Township, Michigan.

Memories coursing through his brain as he hopes for the best. Poor people, rural living, no computer, no cell phones, nothing. Now tossed in the limelight, under disturbing wintry clouds of suspicion, and devoured by wolves in disguise! Carefully review the coverage for yourself in real time, prove me wrong.