Slow Decapitation of Limbaugh By His Misinterpretation

NewsBlaze Reveals Limbaugh’s Major Goof

Perhaps Rush Limbaugh’s ego got a little over-sized. Perhaps he craved even more attention than he needed. Maybe he needed to redress his Latin/Italian roots to fully access the final document of [“Evangelii Gaudium”]. Maybe he simply forgot any Catholic roots he did get, or could have gotten. Bottom line, it seems all four possibilities are true.

People need to understand Limbaugh saying ‘unfettered capitalism’ in his comments, instead of the true translation in “Evangelii Gaudium” as “unbridled consumerism.” Even though both statements are quite similar, they mean entirely different things. If one reads [], and specifically sections {60 & 70}, they’ll see the words ‘unfettered capitalism’ were never uttered by the pope at all.

“Unbridled consumerism” is simply using consumer tactics to increase wealth, and ensure the truly needy go without. Mark off some of Limbaugh’s touted 99.7 percent of the time he says he’s right. Mark off most of the time he has misinterpreted Latin/Italian documents he doesn’t know, or can’t personally read.

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Oh, and you’d better mark off for speaking on lack of knowledge about how the Roman Catholic pope is infallible(cannot be wrong) on items concerning faith or morals.

Limbaugh Does Not Understand Infallibility

Infallibility prevents a pope from solemnly and formally teaching as “truth” something that is, actually an error.

Even Fundamentalists or Evangelicals who do not have these common misunderstandings, often think infallibility means popes are given special grace allowing them to teach only known truths. Unfortunately, that is not quite correct.

[Pope Fiction: Answers to 30 Myths and Misconceptions About the …] Papacy, gives highly accurate information about all the 266 popes elected in the Catholic hierarchy. [Pope Fiction – Patrick Madrid : Patrick Madrid], the author goes into great detail describing how popes are infallible, even with scandalous living. This objection typically illustrates the common confusion between infallibility and impeccability.

There is no guarantee popes won’t sin, or provide bad example. The only (what one would call) ‘bad’ popes would technically be three in particular-Pope Liberius (352-356), Pope Vigilious (537-555), and Pope Honorius (625-638). Even these popes never spoke wrongly on Catholic faith or morals. The truly remarkable thing is ‘bad’ popes are so rare. There is a huge amount of sanctity throughout history found in the papacy.

It’s almost impossible not to mention how popes were the vicar of Christ and the creator of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church in 33 A.D., when Christ established His church an earth. Not 467 separate Christian denominations, coming into existence years after Jesus ascended into heaven. We can’t only believe just what we want to, and expect total saving.

That simple fact whittles Limbaugh’s ‘correct’ percentage down a few points. In fact, Limbaugh’s ‘correct’ percentage rule basically follows only what Limbaugh thinks is correct. The papacy existed for over 600 years beforeMuhammed traversed the deserts of Arabia and obtained followers for his new religion. For a thousand years beforeWilliam the Conqueror invaded England. For fifteen hundred years before Martin Luther even came into existence.

Bible: Definite About Christ Instituting Only One Church

Even with the rest of the world in love with slavery, the papacy has always stood consistently against it. During theNazi holocaust, the popes put themselves directly in the path of the Nazi ‘war machine’, and attempted to eliminate all deaths of European Jews. And recently, they warned vehemently about the dangers of contraception and abortion.

The papacy is the rock on which Christ built his Church. One certainly remembers Christ’s promise to Simon in the Bible: “You are rock and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (Matt. 16:18).”

One might think Limbaugh does not believe in hell. If he does not, that’s an awful lot of points off his ‘correct’ check…