Serbia’s President Wants Kosovo Back, And Then To Join The EU

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has finalized his political platform to deny statehood to the Republic of Kosovo. He has done this because he wants Kosovo back, and then he wants to join the EU.

Up to now 108 countries in the United Nations have recognized Kosovo.

Serbia’s position is absurd politically and legally because Kosovo’s political status is already closed by the international community. Thus de facto and de jure, Serbia can never change Kosovo’s status without war.

This new political platform on Kosovo written by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic is just plain paper for the political use of Serbian ultra-nationalism against EU integration as well as to stumble and postpone Kosovo’s integration process at the European Union and recognition by the United Nations Security Council.

However, according to Serbian President Nicolic, the platform will predict “the maximum that is achievable today” and represents “what under which Serbia should not go but also something to which perhaps Pristina will not go.”

What does that “political maximum” mean for Serbs in Kosovo, predicted by the Serbian President? – Is it autonomy ( such as autonomous cantons in Italy) within Kosovo’s statehood or full independence as is the Serbian entity of the Serbian Republic in Bosnia?

Whatever of these two political options biased by Serbian President Tomislav Nicolic, aren’t acceptable neither politically nor juridically because of the fact that Serbian minority of 8 percent isn’t eligible to get any higher level or different political status than that includes the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, based on the Marti Ahtisari Plan which “entails granting Serbs six new Serb-administered municipalities, that will be given extensive municipal autonomy. Each of the Serb-administered municipalities will be able to accept transparent funding from Serbia.”

Beyond this limit, the Serbian minority cannot have any other political, legal or constitutional status within Kosovo’s statehood due to the fact that they cannot have states Serbia and Kosovo like Albanians in Serbia because they have minority status within the state of Serbia.

Whatever kind of political autonomy be recognized by Serbs in Kosovo, the same should be recognized for Albanian minority in Serbia. In this case there can not be two standards, although historically Albanians in Preshevo, Bujanovc and Medvegja, are located on their indigenous land which belong to native Albanians and Ethnic Albania.

Whereas, Serbs (by force and genocide) as colonists from Montenegro and Serbia conquered Kosovo in 1912. This is the only difference between Serbian minority in Kosovo and Albanian minority in Serbia. Hence Serbia doesn’t need any kind of the new political Platform on Kosovo written either by its President or Prime Minster Alexander Vucic because of the fact that Serbia has last its colony – Kosovo – thanks to its own genocide on Kosovo committed by the Serbian paramilitary, military and police forces of the Serbian regime lead by Slobodan Milosevic (former President of Serbia 1989-2000).

Kosovo will never again be under the colonial sovereignty of Serbia.

This true should be known not only by official Belgrade, but all Serbs around the world because Kosovo has never been Serbian land, just an illegal colony conquered by aggression and genocide (1912-1999). Therefore,it’s not important does Serbia recognize or will never recognize Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state because Albanians will never accept to go back again under colonial Serbia, or to allow any kind of the establishing of the mini-Serbian state within Republic of Kosovo, like did Serbs in Bosnia who by killing and genocide, formed “Serbian Republic” (Republika srspska).

This is entirely illegal according to international law because it was created by force. Hence, it should not be recognized by the EU ever, nor by the United Nations Security Council so long as it would have been a precedent for international law and international positive legal order.

To be quite clear in this viewpoint, simply, Kosovo Albanians are not at all interested in the defined political course of Belgrade, will Serbia join the EU or Russia, it is their internal matter, not Pristina’s official politics and diplomacy, but in any way and any price will not accept any “political platform,” drafted by the President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic. He just wants Serbia to create a Serbian or political autonomy for Serbian Minority Republic inside of the Independent and sovereign Republic of Kosovo (February 17, 2008).

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.