Sarah Palin Has Until Late December to Jump In, and Still Win

As I watch the Republican presidential debates, I must admit that we have a great field of candidates running, and if the reports about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie getting into the race are true, then things will only get more interesting. It is a great field of candidates because America is finally getting a chance to see how truly diverse the Republican Party is. After all, take a look at the Democrat party. All you will find is a who’s who of the anti-American, communist-reject society.

Although I must admit that there is one person missing from the debate stage, and her absence has left many wondering why. I do know that she is of the belief that times have changed, and that Obama and the Democrats are so toxic that she could enter the race as late as November, or even late December, and still be the one to beat. Recent polls taken of just the conservative base in the Republican Party prove her right. She is still the one to beat, and that has the rest of the field a little uneasy, and you can bet that Sarah is on their minds.

2012 Presidential Primary Calendar

Sarah on their minds
alt=”Sarah on their minds

If Florida maintains its current primary date, the first 3 states listed must have there’s no later than stated because of legislation that governs when they must hold their primary.

  • January 16, 2012: Iowa caucuses*
  • January 24: New Hampshire*
  • January 28: South Carolina*
  • January 31: Florida
  • February 7 (Super Tuesday): Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah
  • February 11: Louisiana primary
  • February 14: Maryland, Virginia
  • February 18: Nevada GOP caucuses
  • February 21: Hawaii Republican caucuses, Wisconsin
  • February 28: Arizona, Michigan
  • March 6: Minnesota caucuses, Massachusetts, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont
  • March 13: Mississippi
  • March 20: Colorado caucuses, Illinois
  • April 24: Pennsylvania
  • May 8: Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia
  • May 15: Nebraska, Oregon
  • May 22: Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Washington
  • June 5: Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota

When Rick Perry jumped in many were claiming it’s all over, but since then he has slipped. Since she won the Iowa straw poll, Michele Bachmann has slipped a bit. Rick Perry even attempted to lock up the Christian right vote before he jumped in, but Sarah Palin is still the choice of over 80% of the Christian conservatives. And guess who will show up en masse if she enters the race? You got it, the conservative Christian base. That is why the country-club Republicans keep touting Romney, or begging Chris Christie to jump in. They want a moderate, and will do all in their power to keep a true conservative from getting the nomination. As for Perry, I personally knew that the sheep’s clothing he was wearing would wear thin under the pressure of real debates. Sure enough, his true inner wolf has begun to shine through for all to see.

The question is, why should Sarah enter the race ahead of her own schedule? If you ask me, I think she is one smart cookie to be sitting by as the current candidates destroy each other. These debates and all this early campaigning are primarily about getting recognized by the base, and there is not a possible candidate who is better known than Sarah is already. So unlike the others, Palin can sit back and watch the show while she sharpens her teeth for the battle against an inevitable attack she will receive when she does jump in.

A Momma Grizzly knows when it’s time to jump and attack her prey. If she sees other predators fighting for the prize, she will sit back and wait for them to inflict enough damage on each other that they are less of a threat to her and her young. Then, when she thinks the time is right, she will go for the prize while the others are licking their wounds. When she shows up, there will be but a weak resistance that will be easily cast aside in defeat as she grabs the prize to drag away to her young.

If you want to see what a couple of really wise and politically savvy men think of Sarah’s chances, check out what Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump say. They may be moderate politicians, but you don’t see them attacking her or even supporting other moderates because they know it’s still too early. They have a better understanding of what’s going on with the Republican Party and America than the leadership of the party does.

Both of these men understand that if Palin jumps in, all bets are off as to who the front runner is. The truth is that if Sarah jumps in, she will become the front runner and both Trump and Giuliani know it. I’m of the opinion that they’re both holding out for the VP slot, or at least a cabinet appointment. Imagine what will happen to the future stock of anyone who is part of the administration that fixes America’s troubles.

Now, don’t think that Sarah is damaged goods, or she has already waited too long to jump in. Take a look at the Google Trends chart below. You will see that Sarah Palin still holds her own against any Republican you could plug in. Go ahead and change the names, and you will see that Sarah Palin stays at or near the top of every challenger in names searched for information on the web. Even when you plug in Obama, Sarah tops him.

That means Sarah Palin is still the most widely searched politician in America. That would not be the case if the left had been successful in destroying her in the eyes of the public. Also, when you stretch out the years, you will see that throughout the last three years, she is the only person who has kept pace with Obama in popularity. Now that Obama is so toxic that the Democrats are even urging him not to run for re-election, the leftist-slanted polls are showing that Obama even loses to Sarah.

Just for the record, I have personally talked to a few campaign insiders for three different candidates who revealed to me that they have had internal polling, for the last 8 Months, showing that their candidate, along with Palin and another person, would defeat Obama. I am not at liberty to share with anyone what campaigns they are from, but the information is reliable enough so that I sleep comfortable at night when I think of our near future.

Mark my words; the Grizzly from the North is still the one person that every Republican running fears the most. As for the Democrats, who cares. Even they know that the way things stand now, there is not a Democrat around that could garner more than 40% of the vote in a head to head contest next November.

I seriously wonder if the Democrat nominee will even hit 40%. This could be another election where the Democrats talk another Ross Perot type of a billionaire into running as a spoiler on a third party ticket. If they do, don’t be surprised if that candidate comes in second to the Republican with the Democrat nominee coming in third at less than 20% of the vote. Trust me when I tell you that the Democrat party is considered by the vast majority of Americans to be as toxic as Obama himself is. When considering the huge coat tails that the Republican nominee will have, I would think that if the Gipper were alive he would be slightly jealous. Obama could very well be remembered in the history books as the man who brought down the Democrat party.

In my life, there has never been a situation where even the least desirable candidate in the Republican Party will win going away against any Democrat. (I said will, not could) If the Democrat nominee is Obama, well then good night Irene, because the fat lady is already warming up. If the Democrats really think they would have a better chance with Obama not running for re-election like Johnson did in ’68, they are sorely mistaken. If they convince him to not run, then get ready for the black vote to stay home in anger. I would also advise everyone to stay away from Charlotte North Carolina next year, because if they replace Obama on the ticket, there will be rioting like you haven’t seen since the Chicago convention of 1968. The Democrats are going to lose big all across the country as they did in 2010, but without Obama, those losses will be even more devastating for them.

As for the pundits who claim Sarah is missing the chance to get early campaign cash. I can only tell you that regardless of how late she jumps in, her coffers will fill up with campaign donations quicker than measles could spread in a day care center. She will vault to the top of the polls and by February 7 (Super Tuesday), the inevitably question will be, “Who will Sarah chose as her VP?.”

So settle back and enjoy the show for a few more months, because the first primary isn’t until mid January, and Sarah has yet to speak. When she makes her decision official, the race will get exciting. That’s when all the cockroaches, the RINOs, the Democrats, the MSM, the entertainment industry, and even political leaders from around the world will join together in an attempt to stop her from winning the nomination. They all know that the person, who wins the Republican nomination, will be the next president of the United States.

Just like Reagan won it all in 1980, and he wasn’t even supposed to win the Republican nomination, so too will Sarah if she chooses to run. Remember, Jimmy Carter had internal polling telling him that while he would defeat Ronald Reagan, he would lose to George Bush. So his people began attacking Bush early to try and hedge their bets, and he paid the price.

It’s interesting how the media and the Democrats try to convince us that Obama’s best chance is against the most conservative Republican. Yet they try their darnedest to get a moderate elected as our candidate. They know that when conservatives stick to conservative principles, they win every time. Well, when it comes Sarah Palin, I have never heard her back down from her conservative credentials, and that my friends is why the establishment is so afraid of her.