Questioning Harry Reid’s Sanity

The older Harry Reid gets, the more he seems to be losing his mind. A few days ago, he accused Republicans of causing the Russian annexation of Crimea.

They used to call Harry Reid ‘Pa Kettle,’ but there seems to be a deeper problem and his increasingly weird outbursts have people questioning his sanity.

Yesterday, in a tirade against prominent Americans Charles and David Koch, Reid called them “un-American.” MSNBC talk show host, Joe Scarborough, who said he may consider a run for president in 2016, thinks these outbursts from Harry Reid show how desperate Democrats are becoming before the November midterm elections.

On the “Morning Joe” Scarborough opined, “If my party said, ‘Hey, this year we’re going to go after George Soros and that guy that’s going to spend $100 million on global warming,’ I would say my party is so devoid of ideas and is so disconnected from America, they deserve to get absolutely blasted.”

But it wasn’t Joe Scarborough’s party, it was the democrats, and Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader.

Some leadership he is showing!

Joe Scarborough, the former congressman from Florida, hosts the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC, and told his listeners on Wednesday, “Harry Reid’s lost his political mind. Can I ask what we would all be saying if Mitch McConnell called George Soros un-American from the Senate floor? If a Republican majority leader called George Soros un-American, I would be kicking him around this morning if he did that.”

Senator Reid criticized the Koch brothers for their donations to Republican causes. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t mention their extensive philanthropy in medicine and the arts. Is this sort of vicious attack from such a prominent a politician such as Harry Reid what we have to get used to now?

Harry Reid’s lost his political mind – Joe Scarborough

Scarborough said, “Now he and the Democrats have decided the way they’re going to win the midterm elections is not by spending money trying to get young people to sign up for Obamacare or bring jobs back to America. They’re going to attack the Koch brothers.”

It is known that many rabid liberals have gone after the Koch brothers in the past. Scarborough says many would disagree with Reid’s ‘strategy,’ if that’s was it is.

“There are a lot of liberals in New York City that appreciate what the Koch brothers have done on cancer research, that appreciate what they’ve done with the Lincoln Center. What they’ve done with the arts. What they’ve done in their lives.” – Joe Scarborough

Is there a Democrat who wants to shut down Harry Reid’s loose canon mouth? Or do they think he’s onto a good strategy?

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