Poor Poor Pitiful Bill, Bob and Bankrupt Democrats

It would take paragraphs to dissect the psychological and pathological disconnect that Bill Clinton exhibited in his amazing retreat from reality in the “interview” with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Chris should be thankful that we don’t live in a dictatorship with Bill at the helm. The cleanup crew would be just now getting the stains off the wall.

But, in spite of the incredible ego, the disconnect with anyone who doesn’t have their head three feet up his butt, and his suicidal desire to create a legacy where eternal sound bites have set up irrevocable monuments that prevent it . . . Bill Clinton has created a deflector shield for his party.

Think about it … you have George Allen in Virginia, being accused of being a racist because he challenges an interloper at a campaign event, but in the state, right next to his, a former and unrepentant member of the KKK is running for the exact same office . . . US Senate. Robert Byrd, from West Virginia, is on the record as calling blacks “a throw back to the darkest specimens of the wild,” while supporting the act of lynching at KKK rallies, yet because George Allen wears cowboy boots and chews tobacco … he is a racist?

Why do you think Democrats continue to return a man to the Senate who throws around the “n” word like a horseshoe at a KKK BBQ, while dredging up accusations, three decades old, about his fellow Senator? Because they are all Democrats who have convinced the world that they are the “champions” of civil rights for blacks and can say and do anything that a Republican would get lynched for. That is why former KKK members can still flash the “n” word around with impunity and without fear of retribution. They can even send their new black senator in to shamelessly do their bidding by raising $800,000 for this former member of a despicable group. Who is on the plantation now? But have them switch parties and honor a 100-year-old colleague with historic pleasantries, and all hell breaks lose, because there are double standards for Democrats and Republicans where race is involved.

What we are experiencing in the micro with Bill Clinton, and the macro with benign racism as an accepted, yet ignored reality in the Democratic party, is a disconnect or cognitive dissidence. Bill Clinton changes history the minute it is made, from suggesting ice to a rape victim, to denying he had sex with “that” woman. And the party that so loyally protects his rear end, to the detriment of their own extremities, has revised history to the point of convincing the party that was founded to abolish slavery, that they are the true oppressors.

They are similar to the abusive boyfriend who beats up the woman and tells her it is her fault for making him lose his temper. He has her so traumatized and beaten down that she doesn’t even know who she is anymore and believes his lies, takes his abuse and rejects the reality of what she knows in her heart is true. Clinton will continue to react with the type of vitriol and anger he showed with Chris Wallace because he believes he is entitled, superior, flawless and destined to be the ruler of all. He is very much like the slave owners who saw blacks as their chattel and had a whip at the ready if a condescending interviewer dared to question his lack of integrity and selective memory.

Bill Clinton is Robert Byrd, who is the heart of the Democratic Party, which has always been about superiority, elitism and arrogance. They are the party that split the country to keep blacks enslaved while 500,000 people gave their lives to unite the country again. They continue to split the nation with lies, distortions, character assassinations and personal attacks against good men and women who are just doing their jobs, so the rest of us can learn the truth and live in peace and freedom.

When Bill hissed at Chris Wallace, he hissed at the vast majority of Americans who may not embrace the moniker “conservative” but instinctively knew he was talking about them when he railed against their existence, very much like Robert Byrd and the KKK railed against the existence of blacks. It is all hate based and it is all such old news.

I do pity Bill … and Bob … and the Democrats because their desire to revise history and their image has caused a most unusual collision of historic similarities that makes even the most average person repulsed at the idea of going back to a time when a segment of our society was referred to with such derision and hate. Thank goodness there are no firing walls, shackles or nooses in our society today. Sadly, though, there are men who would love to reinstate them, and are proposing a virtual lynching of Senator George Allen’s character while denying that Robert Byrd and Bill Clinton are culpable of any wrong doing. It is double standards like this that continue to tear a nation apart.

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Nina May’s Daily Commentary, Sept. 26, 2006

By Nina May

External Writer
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