Obama Left in Dark By His White House Advisors On IRS Scandal

The Dog Ate My Homework?

This may be the adult version of the dog ate my homework.

In a span of little more than a week, the White House has managed to ignite more scandals than at any time for a president since Watergate.

But between Benghazi, Fast and Furious and other less important messes the Obama administration is struggling with, the recent IRS scandal tops the rest.


The IRS Scandal

The IRS scandal targeting conservative causes and its aftermath has a unique twist. It has now been confirmed that chief of staff Denis McDonough and other senior presidential advisors knew as early as last March that IRS employees were targeting certain non-profit conservative groups.

A new report released by the White House says “IRS employees had inappropriately targeted conservative political groups.”

That is pretty definite.

But there is yet another stunning part of the report that says McDonough and other advisors never told the president about the audit or the implications it brought to his administration.

Shocking Revelation is Verified

If that shocking revelation is verified, it is hard to believe the commander-in-chief was left in the dark by the very men hired to keep him informed. The report expanded the known group of advisors who had been made aware of the problem to more than a “handful” as first suggested.

The White House says McDonough and the others had not told President Barack Obama about the highly damaging report leaving him to find out through the news media.

The entire situation is almost too incredible to be true.

Some Matters are Not Appropriate to Convey

Jay Carney, the White House spokesman said the decision to keep the president out of the loop was because “some matters are not appropriate to convey to him, and this is one of them.”

Perhaps as Jay Leno joked in his monologue Tuesday night, “The president doesn’t hold news conferences to inform anybody, but rather to learn what’s going on from the press.”

It appears this scandal has a long and winding road ahead of it.

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