Nudity of Political Leadership in Nepal

During the 1930’s, poverty was rampant in Britain. British people with low income became nervous and exhausted with price hikes, deflation and famine in the country and some who were unable to cope with the crisis committed suicide. Suicide is the only crime where the perpetrator can not be punished.

The incidence of suicide remained highly debated issue and struck like a thorn in the throat of the British cabinet. Meanwhile, an experienced and mature Member of the Parliament explored a magic stick; “the dead body of a person who commits suicide should be made naked and circled through the main streets of the British down towns”! It is believed that a human would definitely feel degraded even after death, if his/her dead body is paraded naked among the public. This wise move turned to be the remedy for controlling suicides in Britain, then.

But in Nepal, the power blind, selfish and visionless political leaders have reached such a stage; where they can not even commit suicide. The reason behind it is; because they are not elected by the people and the Nepalese people have never approved or supported them. It is clear that the majority of Nepalese Politicians will lose their deposited sums if elections are held under a transparent and secured environment. Nepalese Politicians should clearly mind it!

Politicians are playing a children’s game like hide and seek or BHANDA KUTI (a Game played by children in Nepal where they make themselves the King, Premier, Minister, or some times bride and bride groom etc.) What a miracle! How could these politicians take the oath of office among themselves in this democratic era? What legitimacy have they to demonstrate such constitutional and sovereign acts? Have they received the people’s mandate? How can they self claim that they are the only capable creatures in Nepal? Look! The whole world is laughing by watching the nude dances of Nepal’s shameless so-called Politicians.

People are stunned with the current political dramas and even the politicians’ own hard core supporters have stopped advocating for these incompetent figures. I guarantee that even the Premier GIRIJA, UML Chief Secretary MADHAB, Maoists’ supreme PRACHANDA and Doctor BABU RAM BHATTARAI alias JEETBEER will never win in any open elections even from their respective home districts. A bitter fact, though!

The political drivers of Nepal have been totally disorientated and do not even have any clue about the movement of their lorry.

Scrutiny here! Why are the Nepalese not protesting and responding against the ploys and conspiracy of these illicit Politicians who have been able to dictate party hegemony and insistently rape this Nation for nearly two years now? Who is going to Save Nepal? Where is Nepal’s pride and glory? What a shame, still Nepalese people identify themselves as BRAVE GORKHALI! My Foot! This is the proof of this interim government totally being idle and incapable. If these politicians have real morals and guts; the home minister should resign now on moral grounds.

This incapable Government has no right to stick on to the revolving chairs, if it is unable to maintain law and order in the country. Why should these useless politicians be paid from the Sweat and taxes of Nepal’s innocent public? Rather, they must be dumped in to the rubbish bins. This is the only way to end Nepal’s turmoil.

Except a few hues and cries of Media personnel, no one is giving a damn to the autocracy and tyranny of the present illicit Government in Nepal.

Amazing! How the self claiming hard core Nationalist Political parties have tightened their dirty lips. In fact, the governing political parties themselves have been supporting and nurturing terrorism in Nepal. They have embraced the hooligans, totalitarians and have been aligning with the extremists.

Even the Nepalese institutions that have publicly taken the holy oaths of sacrificing their lives for the protection of their Motherland have been hiding inside their fox holes nowadays in Nepal. Why is this so?

The main point to note here is that; Why have not the Security Forces in Nepal responded against the barbaric acts of these politicians? Do they have any obligation, self interest or special alliances with them?

Nepal is gradually turning into Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon or any other conflict hit country in the world. About 15-20 Thousands innocent Nepalese souls have unnecessarily given their lives during a decade long bloody conflict in Nepal. Nepal will definitely face a horrible civil war if the present illicit Government and Parliament remains as such and all the illicit activities keep on as usual.

So, I opine that a new model of National consensus and solidarity is indispensable for Nepal. The remedy is; Congress, UML, Maoists, civil societies and patriotic institutions should come along and take this country out of it’s horrendous turmoil.

Nepal has become the prey of the arrogance, slave-ness and ignorance of nude and shameless politicians. Why do the Nepalese hide themselves in this time of crisis? Nepalese Politicians should think that they have ignored the grievances of 20 thousands Maoists in the past and faced this situation.

What about the cries of Millions of Nepalese? What will happen if the wishes of Millions of Nepalese in Nepal are ignored? Can these politicians imagine the emerging consequences of such a thing? If these politicians still have some grey matter in their brains, they must halt their nude dances immediately and should not think of making Nepal; a KOIRALA Private Limited.

Continuation of this charade could turn it into a fatal game.