Nepal Will Not Survive Under The Dictatorship of Foreigners

The nation will not survive under the rule directed by foreigners. The Kauravs (Mahabharat’s warriors) had expropriated everything saying, “We will not allow ‘Pandavas’ space to accommodate a needle.”

In the ensuing war of Mahabharata, the greedy Duryodhan including the Kauravs under his command faced annihilation. Pandavas emerged victorious for they did not leave the path of truthfulness.

The current rulers of Nepal are unscrupulously creating misery in the lives of the people like that of Kauravs by violating the constitution and laws. Foreigners are using these same brokers to weaken Nepal’s strength to stand still on its own.

Since the time of history the joint effort of the patriotic monarch and people has been thwarting such treacherous conspiracy. After the people’s uprising in 2006, the intriguers and strangers have jointly initiated a task to bait Nepal in a gamble, so that this nation would never be able to stand firm.

Particularly the Indians are active here to make Nepal a failed state and then capture it. The resources were aligned together. Traitors as former PM and leader of NC, late Girija and another culprit, leader of UML, Madhav Nepal were pushed forward and Maoist included for a joint agitation. India had officially declared Maoists as terrorists.

However, Indians have not stopped threatening Nepal. The policy maker of the Indian intelligence wing, the wolf-like, S.D Muni came to Nepal proposing Indian broker Krishna Sitaula to the post of General Secretary of Nepali Congress. Sushil Koirala appointed Sitaula as Muni had directed. This shows from where NC’s Sushil Koirala and Ram Chandra Poudel were being manipulated.

In similar manner Maoist leaders Prachanda and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai were also warned that those who oppose India cannot remain in power for too long. We can understand in this sense that the Maoists decision to take the nationalist line and oppose Indian intervention is only their showing teeth.

The Nepal policy of the Indian government has emerged as a complete failure. Under the Maoists initiative the royal institution was ended and the Indian role of a guide accepted.(Annapurna Post 8 and 15 October 2010).

Political analyst Anarsingh Karki says, “The works carried out by the Constituent Assembly and parliament that extends its term on its own accordance cannot be legitimate and worthwhile. Current political parties and their leadership are running an anti-people rule.”

This is not only my opinion but all of Nepal’s intellectual community is dismayed about these who ruled after 2006. The excerpts presented above are extracted from the articles of seven veteran individuals. We can infer from these that Nepal’s existence is in peril.

China’s first interest is to protect Nepal. Had there not been the royal institution and China this holy land Nepal’s existence would have ended long before. China was aware of Nepal’s stability. King Mahendra had visited China as the first head of state to do so in 1962.

Those patriotic Nepalese who support China’s Nepal policy may not continue to remain in support of China. The stumpy diplomats of India are only adding fuel to the fire in such a plight of Nepal. India is intervening following the nonsense-Bihari Shyam Saran- former ambassador of Nepal, due to which, Chinese activity has increased.

The relation between Maoist and India is plummeting. The Maoist which India had nurtured is now turning against it. There are accusations that Nepal’s Maoists and terrorist group Lakshar-E-Taiba members are training Indian Maoist in explosives.

Maoist party talks of foreign intervention but the incidents and circumstances are showing that the foreign intervention has crossed its limits due to Maoist in Nepal. Nepal has been brought to such a perilous situation.

Although Nepalese all around the world have hope on Nepal, the country is nearing such a situation similar to that of Sikkim when it was swallowed by India. Nepal misfortune is increasing like this.

We Nationalists (Pandav) will fight against the foreign interceptors (Kaurav) against injustice. We Nepalese have a sincere concept that a river of blood need not be flowed in Nepal.

We Nepalese should unite with the monarch against conspirators, traitors and foreign intervention to save Nepal from a war like that of Kauravs and Pandavas as in Mahabharata. It is our duty as Nepalese to save our nation.