Mistakes That Can Make Life Difficult in the Wake of a Motorcycle Accident

Being involved in a car crash is scary enough for a driver inside an automobile, let alone on a motorcycle. Since motorcycles offer far less collision protection than cars, there’s little wonder as to why a motorcycle accident can be particularly devastating. Needless to say, navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle crash can be a chore and a half, especially if one has little to no experience dealing with automotive accidents. Anyone looking to keep things manageable in the wake of a motorcycle accident would do well to avoid the following blunders.

motorcycle accident
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Not Getting to Safety after a Motorcycle Accident

In the immediate wake of a motorcycle accident, it’s likely to experience an adrenaline rush. This can create two large problems, both of which are liable to put one’s safety at risk. To start with, a rush of adrenaline can create the belief that any injuries incurred are far less serious than they actually are; which can lead to inadvertently exacerbating those injuries. Secondly, an adrenaline rush has the power to impair one’s judgment – which can lead to the belief that bad ideas are actually good ideas.

For example, thinking of remaining on the road for an extended period or going back for your motorcycle, both of these actions stand to put one in more danger and result in additional accidents. So, regardless of what the impaired judgment is suggesting after the crash, make a point of getting out of the road and to a safe location as quickly as possible – provided, of course, one’s able to do so. Even if the motorcycle is worth a fair amount of money or has tremendous sentimental value attached to it, safety should always take precedence over that of material objects.

Failing to Contact Local Law Enforcement

It is important to get in touch with local law enforcement in the wake of a motorcycle accident. In fact, most states require residents to alert the police of any accidents that result in property damage and/or personal injury. So failing to contact the authorities may mean violation of the law – which is unlikely to help with the case moving forward. Another reason to promptly contact police is that an official accident report is needed to file a claim with the insurer or pursue a civil case against the person responsible for causing the accident.

In addition to calling the police, make sure to remain at the scene until they arrive. Leaving the scene of the accident before the arrival of police is likely to look very suspicious, and even if one played no role in causing the accident, a premature departure may create the impression that they did. Furthermore, if the person responsible for causing the accident remains at the scene after the other party left, they’re likely to provide police with a version of events that’s at odds with reality.

Instigating an Altercation

Feeling anger in the wake of a motorcycle accident is perfectly understandable. However, if this anger is channeled into an altercation with the person responsible for causing the incident, it means inviting a fair amount of trouble. Even if the motorcycle accident was indeed this person’s fault, instigating a verbal and/or physical altercation with them stands to make a bad situation even worse and bring in serious legal jeopardy.

Not Reaching Out to an Attorney

To seek damages from the responsible party, it’s important to contact a good attorney. For best results, look for results-driven lawyers who have ample experience working with victims of motorcycle accidents and solid track records of success. It’s advisable to go for local and trusted names. Tampa residents, for example, who have found themselves involved in such accidents, are urged to reach out to a knowledgeable Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer.

In the wake of a motorcycle accident, it’s expected to be overcome by a plethora of emotions. From fear to anger to anxiety, an emotional whirlwind is likely to ensue – to say nothing of any personal injuries one may incur. As such, it’s only natural to be eager to set things straight as expediently as possible and promptly collect any restitution that one’s owed. In the interest of bringing about such a conclusion, steer clear of the missteps discussed above.

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