Michelle Parker Matter-of-Fact on Final Performance of KFC Video!

The new KFC video of Michelle Parker picking up some lunch at the drive-up window (a Casselberry KFC in Orlando, Florida at 12:22 PM, on November 17th, the day Michelle goes missing) is but a snapshot in time, just one and a half hours before the airing of the feisty couple on the People’s Court, and two and a half hours before she drops her kids off at Dale Smith Jr.’s. Is the KFC video of any investigative importance? I believe it is.

One observation, over and above that it proves Michelle is wearing the commonly observed blue Florida Gators hooded sweatshirt, is that it proves Michelle was living her life ordinarily on November 17th, whereas if something unusual was up, she wouldn’t be performing such prosaic errands as visiting a fast-food restaurant, and KFC no less! The other clue (gleaned from the KFC video) is the obvious visibility of the Glow Tanning sticker on her Hummer, as she departs the fast food drive-through.

michelle parker kfc

The fact that the Glow decal had been removed by whoever did something to Michelle Parker, when the Hummer H3 was discovered at an apartment complex near the Mall at Millenia (on November 18th), shows a clever deception, in that the perpetrator knew full and well the decal could be easily associated with Michelle, almost as a logo or trademark clearly identifying her. The sticker had to go before jettisoning the Hummer!

Yet there it is in the KFC video just hours before she vanishes off the face of the earth! In my mind this is of evidentiary value. And with the video, it’s as if Michelle re-emerges telling us just what happened to her. It’s as if it’s in the present, a revisitation, although we know it was captured two months ago. We imagine Michelle was getting ready to go home and watch herself on the People’s Court, and was perhaps a bit nervous and antsy about this debut.

Although, there’s no evidence of anxiety or tension in the grainy surveillance video. This, in a sense, was her real last performance, even though it’s under the most ordinary of circumstances, a purchase of some KFC fried chicken (I’ll assume). Now that I’ve driven the new video into the ground, I’ll tell you what I’m really thinking. On the surface, it seems like a most ordinary day in the life of Michelle Parker, but we know it was anything but!

What unraveled the situation? One has to think it was the airing of Michelle and Dale on the People’s Court. Furthermore, one suspects an argument broke out between the estranged couple where Dale Smith II must have lost control of his rational faculties. It has to be this way, if we could see into a window in time, but we can’t. We can’t see what happened. Yet we do see the flickering poltergeist (of the real scene) from bits and pieces of evidence, remnants of Michelle’s iPhone, for example.

michelle parker xv

The guilty party must have thrown Michelle’s iPhone off Nela Bridge into the water there on Belle Isle, perhaps not even stopping as he drives over the bridge. If there’s any life left in Michelle’s beloved iPhone, detectives may be able to reconstruct a timeline of all movements made by Ms. Parker (or her iPhone, at least) up to the last ping, at 8 PM. Don’t forget the other video we have, of Michelle entering Dale Smith’s residence. One oddity is there’s no exit video of her leaving in her classy Hummer?

This is not so odd; however, if you take a certain point of view about the fact we don’t see her departure. The authorities are calling Dale Smith a suspect (which is stronger than a person of interest), but do they really have anything more substantial with which to arrest him? It doesn’t look like it.

Michelle Parker Video at KFC – YouTube