Meet the Man Who Should Have Been America’s First Black President

In 2008, the Democratic Party made an historical achievement by electing the first black president of the United States – President Barrack Obama. Although a few noted African Americans have run for President in the past, Barrack seemed to many the only viable black candidate until that time. This was largely due to his race, name, party affiliations and Martin Luther King-like oratory skills.

But There Was Another Who Was More Valuable

But as Barrack Obama was making history for the Democrats, another young African American was making a name for himself as a writer and somewhat of an internet celebrity. This man is named King Nazir Muhammad ( a Republican ) but at the time, Muhammad was too young to run for President because he was only 28 years old.

Although he had aspirations to run for public office, his age, name and questionable criminal record coupled with Islamophobia probably would’ve restricted his success. But many believe if the circumstances were slightly different, he would have been America’s first Black President or America’s first “King” as his name suggests.

But fate selected President Obama instead, and many blacks feel that although Obama’s Presidency redeemed America’s image. It did nothing to change the conditions of black life as many African American voters hoped it would have.

But this is where King Nazir Muhammad’s presidency would have greatly differed from President Obama’s because Muhammad had a clear cut plan of action to transform black life. For instance, on the subject of Reparations, president Obama felt that it was not the will of white America to grant or even support the idea of reparations for blacks.

Profit Muhammad logo.He Would Not Have Talked Change, He Would Have Made Change

But President Muhammad had a more original argument that he felt would be supported by the American people. A plan he still promotes to this day – which can be reviewed HERE.

On the subject of the single mother epidemic in the Black Community, Muhammad devised a plan that would eradicate this epidemic. A plan that would have begun to rebuild the black family through strict and radical means, while at the same time creating more jobs in the field of social work. You can read an overview of this plan HERE.

So as you can see, a savior was in black America’s misdt and they did not know it. Unfortunately Muhammad has abandoned his aspirations for public office. And has since become an accomplished Author, Entrepreneur and Religious Leader. He is now leading a growing online religion called Black Syientology, and quickly becoming known as America’s Version of Prophet Muhammad.

Muhammad believes more can be accomplished with his new religion in the sense of making black lives matter. As well as helping to eradicate Islamophobia, promoting the Republican Party and bridging the religious segregation that exists in the world.

And the democratic party still rejoices over their victory by electing the first black president with a muslin name. The Republican Party can rejoice in knowing that they have a man on their team who wears the ultimate muslin name – Prophet Muhammad. And if politics is now all about name recognition, America can’t lose by positively promoting a name that 1.6 Billion Muslims worship and adore.

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