McCain’s Ideological View ‘A Major Handicap’

Iranian American Democrats held a public rally Sunday in the Capitol Plaza Hall, Sacramento.

Dr Bahman Fozouni, Chair of Government Department, Sacramento State University, an independent, was the first speaker, on Senator McCain’s Foreign Policy. Dr Fozouni talked about the foreign policy views of Senator McCain that are not discussed in public or in the media.

Fozouni began by explaining McCain’s “World View” that shapes his decision-making in the area of foreign policy. Fozouni said this “World View” tells us the basic ideological assumptions about the world that guide McCain policy.

“Senator McCain’s World View is anchored in the Manichean ideology that sharply divides the world into two poles. The Good and the Evil. Between Good and Evil, the black and white, the grey is of little significance.”

In the second part of his talk, Dr Fozouni questioned Senator McCain’s experience, saying that McCain’s ideological view is a major handicap, preventing him from understanding a changing world.

Other Speakers included

  • Dr Bill Durston, Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District
  • Betty Williams, President of Sacramento NAACP
  • Silvia Meruvin-Landers, Chair of Outreach
  • Greg Larking, Chair of Sacramento County Central Democratic Committee
  • Alex Rooker, First Vice Chair of California Democratic Party
  • Honorable Heather Fargo, Mayor of Sacramento

    The mission of Iranian-American Democrats Association (IADA), which sponsored the rally, is to create and maintain a strong political voice for the Iranian-American community by representing its interests while promoting the Democratic Party’s principles.

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