London Stabbings, What the Media Won’t (Ever) Say

While politicians and media score points regarding the London stabbings, the truth is deeper and far more dangerous if left unattended.

What you know: Usman Khan, a British citizen of Asian descent stabbed two Cambridge grads, Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones.

People are blaming his “early release” and laws against terrorists. The facts are much deeper if only one chooses to look!

What you DON’T know: Post 9/11, such incidents mostly involving Muslims are rarely a surprise, and nor are the reactions of those who avenge through attacks on mosques or Muslims in general.

No one wants to call it a war of civilization of cultures that is actually being fought on and off the battlefield. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been at loggerheads for centuries, not months or years. History is filled with tales of bloody crusades or jihads.

These Children of Abraham were never a loving or coexisting lot.

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The children of Abraham. Image by

Then along came colonialism and most Muslims were subdued into slavery, post “freedom” due inexplicably terrible conditions at home.

This poorer bunch has since been migrating to the West, otherwise known as the developed world. Here they are treated with love, respect, and close to equality in all aspects of life. Something they, to this day, do not get in their own countries.

Now Muslims are not the only people who migrate, others do too, Christians and Hindus, but very few countries have a problem with them as there is almost no history of hate. The history of hate between Islam and Judaism / Christianity was passed down on all sides from generation to generation in letter and spirit. This is the prime reason these incidents will keep happening until and unless as they say “the bull is grabbed by the horns.”

So just what is the bull that needs to be grabbed or controlled?

In simple terms, the big issue is reformation of the Muslim world to be closer to the ideals and values of the progressive West where their nationals aspire to migrate.

The migration of Muslims to the West has been a mostly hateful love affair. Neither side has earnestly accepted the other at a deeper level. Sermons of hate Prophets like Mr. Zakir Naik and others are a clear case in point.

Once in the west the Muslims think, believe and ACT superior to their Western hosts or even “back home.” In truth, reality is in stark contrast to what they think.

As I see it, the way out is in the HappyHumans and LearningPays links below and also in REPATRIATION of Muslims living in developed nations back to their home countries.

Indeed, repatriation would be a nightmare for them, but it would also a logical reason for them, like the team of Christopher Columbus, to recreate their newly beloved West back home!

Right now although many muslims live in the West they, as the Daily Mail article ‘I ain’t no terrorist’ shows, they are not truly onboard, and neither are their hosts.

A look at India, Pakistan, South America, Africa pretty much confirms the near or worse than animal-like behaviors displayed in barbaric rapes, murders, lynching and intolerance in the name of religion or sexual frustration.

The first step towards a solution is an honest and open-minded acceptance of reality. Unless the West tackles these issues as I highlighted years ago in Happy Humans (link below) I see little hope. Links About the murderer (history)

The Stabbings in London

See also the two websites: Happy Humans and Learning Pays.

There is always a ray of light, sadly, we pull down the blinds and complain of darkness all around us. – CrystalHeart Kazmi, Founder

Imran Owais Kazmi is a an expat Pakistani vocal on change locally and globally through good governance and tolerance.