If Trump Wins a Second Term, It Will Be U.S. Democrats’ Own Fault

Let me get this straight. When Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweets “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” about U.S. support for Israel, it is not anti-Semitic. But if the Democratic party condemned her remarks it would be anti-Islamic?

She can repeat the lies that cost six million Jewish people their lives – that Jews run the world through a global conspiracy of cash and power and they have “dual loyalties” – but we can’t call her out, because she is a Muslim and that would make us anti-Muslim?

So what did the Democrats do after the offensive, fascistic tweets? They issued an omnibus, watered down condemnation of anti-Semitism along with bigotries against Muslims, immigrants, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, LGBT people, and members of other religious minorities. And that is why they will lose the next Presidential election.

Democrat Logic

The Democrat party has been invaded by “intersectionals” who see all “oppression” as related and all “oppressors” as white and usually men. A woman who says she flew with her child to the U.S. from Brazil for “asylum” against a boyfriend who hit her or a drag queen barred from using from a women’s restroom are no different than Anne Frank in their worldview. Everyone is oppressed – as long as they are not white or from a rich country.

if Trump wins is it oppression?

Of course the media perpetuate the insanity. That is why right now people are not talking about the Turkey national who allegedly killed three and wounded seven this week in the Netherlands city of Utrecht, some of whom may die. No, they are talking about the alleged New Zealand murderer because he was an apparent white nationalist.

Similarly, Americans have long since forgotten about the self-identified “Islamic soldier” Omar Mateen who killed 49 people in Orlando, Florida in 2016 and the religious extremists who killed 14 and injured 22 in San Bernardino in 2015. Their motives were no different than the alleged New Zealand perpetrator.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says Islamic State militants have executed nearly 700 prisoners in recent months in eastern Syria. Is the human rights group anti-Islamic to report it? Am I anti-Islamic to repeat it? Yes, today’s neo Democratic party would say: you are. Yes, says the U.S. media who manage to not see Islamic beheadings and lynchings.

No, intersectionals, all oppression is not the same. It is an obscenity to compare Central Americans fleeing to the U.S. because of their poverty and gangs to the Third Reich. It is an obscenity to compare someone who can’t procure “sexual reassignment surgery” with low-income, often white, Americans too poor to pay for their medical care.

If Trump Wins

As long as the Democratic party accommodates its intersectional wing, seeing “victims” everywhere and blaming “oppressors,” Trump will be elected to another four years.

Kathy Sheridan is an old-style independent investigative journalist who covers a wide range of issues, taking some of the wild heat out of what partisans say to make their point. She uses in-depth research combined with common sense, a healthy dose of skepticism and critical thinking to get to the heart of an issue, to inform readers.