Historical-Solidarity Marching in Paris Against Terrorism

On January 11, 2015, 3 million people including 40 leaders of the world, together strongly and firmly condemned terrorists who caused 17 innocent civilian victims of a French satiric newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” and a kosher supermarket in Paris, on 7 and 8 January of this year. French President Francois Hollande, said “Together we have a voice. Together we can say that we will not be divided, we are the people. We will not answer hate with hate. Today we show our pain together but we don’t have live like this. We are saying not to violence, and that is liberating.”

There’s no doubt that this statement by the French President, is true because alone we can do so little, whereas together we can do so much in fighting all evil. Before all of the other people around the world, the Muslims themselves must punish Al Qaeda’s terrorism because the Qu’ran does not say that on his behalf and Islam anyone should kill innocent people who belong to the other peoples, cultures, religions and civilizations of the world. It should be said that neither the Qu’ran nor true Islam are the source and causes of terrorist acts around the world, but it is political and commercial terrorism.

Calling for these terrible acts in protection of the Qu’ran and Islam as the terrorists are is a political lie and fraud of terrorist propaganda in order to confuse and confront the whole Islamic world with the Christian world. Therefore we have to be aware and clearly understand that this is Al Qaeda’s terrorist strategy that aims to destroy and kill with a bullet all the Islamic traditions and values and the Western Christian ones, too.

Follow the example of the ecumenism of the three Albanian religions in the Balkans!

I’m happy that the Solidarity Marches against terrorism in Paris, January 11, 2015, that four Albanian clerics from Tirana joined to show their pain together with the three million people, raising their voices against the violence and terrorism.

Also, I am glad that President of the Islamic Community of Kosovo, Mufti Naim Ternava, condemned Wednesday’s attack in Paris, leaving behind 17 dead. He’s pointed out that clearly the Qu’ran does not entitle anyone to kill in the name of the religion, the prophet or the book.

The epochal positive example of brotherhood and ecumenism of the three religions of the Albanian nation in the Balkans, must follow all confessions worldwide, because it is the best way of humanism, of unity, tolerance, and understanding, the fiduciary, the respect and brotherly love between each-other, regardless of religion, race, culture,nationality, color and belief in global dimensions.

Only a unity such as that seen in the March of solidarity in Paris, which was attended by over 3 million people,including forty of the world leaders in honor of 17 innocent civilian victims as a cause and consequence of barbaric terrorists of Al Qaeda may prevail over every terrorist and above all evil, that today has involved the civilized world.

The participation of four Albanian clergy from Albania should be seen as a good lesson and historic appeal to all clerics, for all religions and for all different cultures of all peoples in the world. The humanism, collaboration, understanding, solidarity, unity and peace, are more powerful than any terrorist in the world.

Lastly, we must agree with the incontrovertible truth and we must note that there is no need for any speculative philosophical interpretation nor any human sanctimony, because simple logic says that neither the Qu’ran nor Islam can be protected, respected and honored through violence, killing and terrorist acts be it individually or groups, regardless of who their authors are, and who is behind them.