Happy New Year, Nepal

We enjoyed Christmas. Nepalgunj is burning. It started inocuosly as a Madheshi Bandh, but per chance the Pahadis were affected more. Now it is a full scale Hindu Muslim riot. The embittered Home Minister says that there has been infiltration. He should know better as the master batsman.

Apparently, the PM himself had to call Rabindra Nath Sharma to postpone the RPP N meeting in the Academy premises. They couldn’t ensure security. Ha! The Nepalese people have become quite mature now and they recognize lies.

They are saying, SPAM can’t run the country. It’s either the King or the Southern neighbour. My friends – choose!

A Doctor in the Medical Association told me that there have been 47 attacks on medical professionals from the advent of the so called Loktantra. You can check this yourself. Now the Doctors have started hitting back and poor Sudha Sharma with all the media behind her is finding it difficult to support her loyalty to her relations: the ruling family.

The Universities are locked. Different people are suffering without any reason. The Government couldn’t care less, that’s why the lock outs. But the beauty is, such flagrant delinquency is still tolerated with certain sympathy to the SPAM government, ostensibly to ameliorate the inter-party concerns. Then why sit in judgment over the past? The choices might not have been all correct but the decisions were made.

Anyway, the idea is to come out on the streets to voice your grievances. Yesterday, curfew orders were defied. Now what? Shall we declare the fellow who died in Nepalgunj a martyr?

Those who encouraged defiance are now in the driving seat. Now can you put the genie back to the bottle? Your masters can’t also micro manage as has been seen in Nepalgunj. Think of the Hindu Muslim riots in India. Now the only Gandhi left is a Maino!

In the meantime, Maoist atrocities continue. They are still holding on to the rural areas by pure brute force. Let us see whether the Police posts go back and are not attacked and vandalized by the Maoists. Control and when not possible, blocking the Village Development Committees budget is going on as is unauthorised highway taxation and forced collection.

Finally, when the comrades talked to the donors about economics, people got scared. Do they only comprehend that

1. Only 20% of people should be involved in agriculture,

2. They are prepared for the 21st Century, and

3. Nepal would be Switzerland in 5 to 10 years.

The foreigners laughed, but the Nepalese lost sleep. This is how Gulags have to be created. When promises can’t be fulfilled, there would be an attack on the intellectuals and they would be sent for reeducation. There are only a few who can hold on to the coattails of another departing Ambassador, Moriarty. Beware the “trahisson de clerics.”