George Bush-Diplomat at large

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Well it seems that President Bush is throwing out acts of random kindness, and that beats random acts of war any day. This week Bush has given us hope that human kindness is not a foreign word it’s a frozen policy. Diplomat at large, that’s what Bush is. Our president welcomed the Dalai lama to come to our great and FREE country. Get a taste of what it is like to think and speak whatever you like. He also handed him the Congressional Gold Medal. I wonder if they tested him for doping?

Now, I have to say that China does not leave it self in a good light when they threaten the USA by saying that, dealings with the Dalai lama may cause bad feelings between the US and China. I don’t know if you know this China, but were not really happy with the bill of goods you’ve been selling us.

If you all don’t behave, we might just have to cut our import spending with you folks down to 1 trillion dollars a year instead of the 1.7 trillion. How anyone could be threatened by a person that is calm, smart and smiles all the time, is beyond me. I can’t remember the last time I saw the Dalai lama in the newspaper for any crime other than being a ploy Anna in our skeptical world. I remember watching a movie or two that shows the life of the Dalai lama. The story shows his life and struggle, and then fleeing from the country. The Dalai lama has a simple life, well at least he used too. Ahh, but behold the Internet, now you can go to the Dalai lama’s web site

The website is like an Internet fortune cookie, open it up and read things that make you think again. Just sign up and get your daily advice. I had the pleasure of seeing the Dalai lama one time in Tucson, AZ. I waited almost 2 hours in line and I really could not understand much that went on. However, it just goes to show you that all we are looking for is someone who looks like they have a plan. Overall, the day went well with Bush and the Dalai lama, oh and Bush threw in a democrat to make it all fair and balanced.

We have not heard from the China government yet. No fall out yet, but Christmas is coming and as you know, that is where Santa gets all his toys.

The other act of kindness is Bush taking a stand for the Turkish government; you know the whole thing about genocide and all. Let me bring you up to speed JUST in case you were not around when this all happened in 1915, almost 100 years ago, cause I wasn’t. Seem parts of the Turkish government at the time decided to decrease the population in a very abnormal way, an involuntary way. I won’t go into it too much, I want you to have the correct information and make your own call. That kind of like my disclaimer, income until proven guilty. The real question is … should this be a governmental thing or maybe their government does what we did with 911. Mourn the day and the life’s it took and don’t let it happen again. And if it does get to stopping it right away.

Look at it this way.

If you have ever had a dog and it does it duties on the rug and you wait too long to scold the animal you will only confuse it. The same applies to us humans. Apply that to an even shorter attention span of politicians and government and you had better just forget it. Cause they did. No democrats are pushing this issue real hard and some say maybe to parallel with the war Iraq. But then again what are genocide wars out of control. But have you ever seen a war in control. That is best answered by the troops NOT the commanders.

You know the old saying, in a hundred years who will remember. Well, it seems like interest groups might. Hopefully we can all learn from this as I have said before. Hey, Mr. president take notes, these genocide questions may come up in 50 years.


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