Foreigners Are A Major Issue In Nepalese Struggle

What defects were there in the 1990 Constitution that made others decide we needed another constitution?

The leaders of the Maoists, Nepali Congress and UML decided that the new constitution would be made through the Constituent Assembly. However, the Constituent Assembly election was held. but they could not draft a new constitution.

When a Bhramin was walking by bearing a goat on his shoulder, three thieves made a conspiratorial plan to eat the goat that the Bhramin was carrying.

A thief said, “Oh! Old Bhramin! Why are you carrying a dog on your shoulder? Oh, how could you carry a dog? The three thieves tricked the Bhramin into believing the goat to be a dog. They eventually ate the goat.

Similarly, the leaders of the three parties have tricked the Nepalese people by extending the term of Constituent Assembly that had already died. Who shall support the constitution drafted by such crooks and non-visionary leaders? For How Long will the Regime of Swindlers last in Nepal?

We had expected that the Maoists would do something to contribute to the nation’s development. Maoists have been humiliatingly and publicly stripped naked by falling into a trap due to their own wrongdoing. The Nepalese people could not come to terms with Maoist ideology due to its shameful activities–the party was not loyal to the nation. The Prime Minister – Madhav Nepal, who was previously called a puppet by many, has won. Maoists have capitulated to Madhav Nepal. This is a Maoist defeat.

Before 2005, the Maoist party had not raised the issue of Constituent Assembly. India took the initiative for a 12-point understanding by forging an agreement between power-hungry brokers of UML, Nepali Congress and the Maoists. Many incidents punctuated the period after the 12-point understanding. The traitors roamed unrestrained after the success of the people’s uprising. They do what the foreigners ask them to do.

It was the mandate of the people to draft the constitution within two years. Two years elapsed but the constitution was not made. Maoists took a stance that it would not reach any agreement nor allow a Constituent Assembly extension unless the culprit Prime Minister Madhav Nepal resigned from his position. Maoists agreed to shake hands with Madhav Nepal at 15 minutes to the deadline at 12 o’clock on 28 May – when the two year period was ending. Only one lawmaker, a patriotic warrior, Chandra Bahadur Gurung spoke in the parliament, “To extend the Constituent Assembly term is against the people’s mandate and unconstitutional subject. We oppose this.”

The countenances of Maoist leaders Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai in television was worth noting. This is such a disgrace to Nepal’s leaders. The Maoist talks are sometimes tilted to this side and at times to another side, what is this?

They should have left after failing to draft the new constitution within a two year period but they clung on to it as an old ox to a young cow. We cannot trust that the constitution could be drafted by such unsuccessful elements. They have worked together with consent, and have created suffering for the Nepalese people-this does not lie under the category of politics. This is a shameful act.

They should have left after failing to draft the new constitution within a two year period but they clung on to it as an old ox to a young cow.

Traitors that have bore the foreigners’ agendas as republic, secularism, and federalism and drowned their own motherland will never be given an apology by the Nepalese people. Since the day the Maoists surrendered to Madhav Nepal, the party has been simmering and seething.

I am not a supporter of the traitor – Madhav Nepal. He is absolutely one of the traitors, although, there is no reason to resign in such circumstances. The Maoists are not going to displace weapons or PLA, nor are they going to return the seized properties. So why would he resign? To look more like a puppet? The Maoist party is responsible for the current power-sway held by Madhav Nepal and are the curse of the nation. It is sad too – Maoists were only looking to eat by extending the Constituent Assembly.

Again, this is such an incredible Maoist defeat. The Maoists, which had risen against imperialism and expansionism could not free themselves from India’s conspiracy and expansionist forces. Maoists fell into the trap of the UNMIN and the European nation’s representatives to become the dice of imperialism and expansionism. The party put a grinding halt to the indefinite general strike on the sixth day at the direction of Norway, France, Britain, Germany and other European nation ambassadors as well as the UNMIN.

Is it nationalism to follow foreigners? Actually, the leaders of the Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists signed the 12-point agreement, like Sikkim’s Lendup, to try ending Nepal’s existence. This is a worry faced only by the Nepalese. They are puppets of foreigners. Everyone knows they will not draft the constitution.

An integrated Chinese interest is in line with Nepal’s reformed sovereignty. China will not trust any pro-Indian communist, whether it’s Maoist or UML. China is well acquainted with the fact that until Nepal is and remains free. it cannot pose any danger to them. It is acknowledged that a republic Nepal could be played by foreigners to raise the Free-Tibet issue leading to an eventual disintegration of an integrated China.

Three decades ago the Khampa problem was raised by Free-Tibet. At that time an uncountable number of weapons was accumulated in northern Nepal, which you can believe China has not forgotten. In the meantime, India wants to take over Nepal’s defence and foreign policy by rendering it into such ranks as that of a failed nation. China had been keenly interested in the thought that the Maoists could take the nationalist line.

It is understood that since the day when Prachanda, with an intention to please CIA and European nations at the Open Theatre (organized by a Christian Mission no less), said that those speaking against Chinese secularism would be abducted, that the Chinese were angry. This defamation took place on a national and international level.

Meanwhile, India is suffering under Maoist attacks. It is said that Indians are very close to accepting the mistakes they committed against Nepal. India is playing a diplomatic step to restore two of Nepal’s fundamental institutions for stability-both the royal institution and the Hindu nation’s status. China and India both have courted danger because they do not understand the truth that if the royal institution is retained it could stop terrorism, regional instability and defend democracy.

When the 1990 Constitution was still functional, why was the Constituent Assembly demanded and assembled? It was a conspiracy to murder Nepal. Now the constitution will not be drafted from the Constituent Assembly–and even if it were drafted, it would not be supported. Since the birth of the interim constitution it has remained handicapped and controversial.

In a state when the royal institution is deposed of and passive, it is clear to everyone that Nepal cannot survive. Regardless of the mistakes, and regardless of who made them, everyone’s attention ought to be focused on the revival of the 1990 Constitution.

A large audience needs to gather. In the presence of the monarch and the Nepalese people, the state’s resources, tools, courts, civil service, governmental and non governmental administrative management, and national security organizations ought to be accountable and tread a positive path for lasting peace and protection of Nepal’s sovereign independence.