Farrakhan and Jackson Don’t Speak for Black Americans

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan Don’t Speak for Black Americans … but for Themselves.” -Tricia Erickson, film producer.

The documentary, “Emancipation Revelation/Revolution,” discusses the fate of Black Americans who dare leave the “plantation of liberalism, political correctness and victimization.”

Outspoken Black political activists such as Star Parker, Jesse Peterson, Niger Innis, and Robert Woodson, share, in the most intimate terms, what happens to them when they speak for themselves and reject those who “pimp their own people.”

Author, Shelby Steele, reveals that since announcing that he is a “born-again” conservative, “he is the freest man in America because he owes nothing to anyone.” Rev. O’Neal Dozier (and former Chicago Bears football player) echoes his sentiments by saying, “I am free, I can say what I want, preach what I want and no one can tell me what to say or do.”

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Alveda King, shares her memories of the civil rights struggles in the 1960’s and the tragedies that struck her family, and the current struggles she endures because she escaped the plantation of liberalism that the plantation overseers have erected around an entire class of people.

Columnist and talk show host, Armstrong Williams, explains that the divisions in the nation today, are not along racial lines, but philosophical lines. He talks about why blacks, who have been silenced with pejorative and intimidated with threats, are not only leaving the plantation, but speaking up and speaking out. “They have nothing to show for supporting just one party for so long, they say, ‘why not support the Republican party?'”

This film exposes not only what they are saying . . .but what happens to them when they do speak out against government sponsored poverty programs that keep millions on a virtual plantation of victimization and helplessness.

Mychal Massie, of Project 21, declared, “Without question I believe “Emancipation Revelation/Revolution” to be one of the most quintessential documentaries of factual historical relevance produced in my lifetime. In a day and time when the overwhelming majority of Americans are blissfully ignorant of the factual history of Black involvement in our two party system; ERR reveals clearly and specifically that which the whitewashing of history has denied so many. It encourages dialogue and retrospection on a level heretofore not seen. ”

Emancipation Revelation/Revolution, a Renaissance Women Production, has been selected as one of the finalist films to be shown in Hollywood, California at the Liberty Film Festival, on Oct. 22, 2005.

Tricia Erickson
Tricia Erickson is a notable conservative political commentator and frequent on-air contributor to major prime-time television and cable networks such as FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, numerous radio stations across the country, and a variety of international online podcasts.