England, MY England!

In case you missed it: all sorts of things going on in England today. All of them will have long term repercussions on the shape of the future in England.

First up is a trial which begins today. Despite not being front page news on a regular basis, (as it SHOULD be), the British police and security forces have been tracking, capturing terrorists and their accolytes who would do harm to the british and their way of life:

“Men accused of suicide bomb plan”

That is a headline on the BBC online site today.

The eight men on trial for plot to blow up planes.
Eight on trial for plot to blow up planes

As has proven usual in these cases, they all deny the charges – of course! As is also the norm these days, the meticulously gathered evidence against them will be presented throughout the coming months. Prepare to be shocked out of any complacency you may feel. Hide your head in the sand all you like, but the charges will show that these ‘men’ intended on using planes destined for the US and Canada. NIMBY? Think again:

A group of men charged over an alleged plot to blow up planes wanted to create deaths on an almost unprecedented scale, a London court has heard.

Prosecutor Peter Wright QC said the victims of the suicide attacks would have been “unwitting” civilians.

Homemade devices were to be smuggled on to passenger aircraft and detonated mid-flight, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

The eight men all deny conspiring to murder others and endangering aircraft bound for the US and Canada in 2006.

Mr Wright alleged the men planned to inflict heavy casualties, “all in the name of Islam.”

He told jurors: “These men were, we say, indifferent to the carnage that was likely to ensue.” [ BBC ]

THIS story should be front page news during the trial. As is again usual, the details we shall see should send a chill around the world. Here at NewsBlaze, we will keep you informed. Pay attention – our cultures DO depend on it.

Fly past, Royal Air Force 90th anniversary celebrations.
Flypast, Royal Air Force 90th anniversary celebrations, Times Online

On the other side of the terrorism divide is the Royal Air Force. This week, the RAF celebrates it’s 90th birthday.

In marking the occasion, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said:

“On this the 90th Anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force, the world’s first independent air force, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Service for its sterling contribution to the defence of this country and her interests.

We are all familiar with their proudest moment in the Battle of Britain, but in fact their commitment and bravery over the whole 90 years are a credit to all those who have served and continue to serve in the RAF.

Today, as has been the case throughout the Service’s history, airmen and women serve on operational duties in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the UK and around the world. I am very grateful to all our personnel for their tremendous dedication and wish them the very best on this special day.”

[ The PM’s official site. ]

There is much more to read about this amazing branch of the British military. Start with the Timesonline story here: [ TimesOnline ]

And, in a story I had missed, this year has been designated the National Year of Reading (as in BOOKS, not Berkshire!) in England! Back in January, Education Minister Ed Balls had this to say:

“I want every school, college, library and employer to pledge to join in with the Year of Reading by signing up online. If local communities, authors, broadcasters, celebrities and employers come on board we can really bring about a long-term change in the nation’s attitudes to reading.

“Books are at the heart of the Year’s activities but all reading ‘counts’. Newspapers, magazines, poetry, song lyrics, screenplays and blogs will all feature as part of the Year’s activities.”

[ Also a YouTube thing here: 10 Downing Street site ]

Being a book lover as I am, I suggest that we should not just take one year to celebrate the joy of reading, but make it a lifetime commitment.

Check out the official National Year of Reading site here: [ YearOfReading.org.uk/ ]

Check back often, and pay special attention to the “Word of the Week.” This week’s word just happens to be one of my favourite words, and one I use often! SHENANIGANS…

As the official site declares: “EVERYTHING starts with reading.” And for this writer, it really does!

That is just a few things happening across the pond today. Stay tuned for the next “England, MY England” round up – and pay attention. Our future depends on it.

Ros Prynn
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