Donald Trump Wins Again With The Omnibus Passing

Trump Wins Again

Yes, Donald Trump won on the Omnibus Bill. Even though he pretended it was the worst thing in the world, even though Democrats loved it and many conservatives freaked out. Congress would not pass a budget. They haven’t passed a budget for years. Barack Obama did not have a budget for six years, until 2015 – he ran the government on Omnibus bills, and he spent and “misplaced” a lot of money.

So why is this Omnibus good for Trump? The reason is that there is a big difference between a budget and an omnibus. In a budget, the spending is set and the president has little discretion. In an omnibus, the president has 100% control. He can direct the spending almost any way he wants.

People think Trump didn’t get money for his wall. That appears to be true, but he got a massive amount of money for the military. The Army Corps of Engineers is military. The Army Corps of Engineers are designers and builders. They can build many things, including walls.

Nobody wants the military to go on another overseas adventure. Building a wall would be a much better national security project. That looks like a good thing.

The democrats think they stopped the president building his wall. They didn’t. They played right into his hands and gave him money to do whatever he wants. The government is not at risk of shutting down. Trump won, Democrats lost, RINOs lost, never-trumpers lost.

How Trump Wins

Congress is part of the swamp, and it loves to spend money. Conservative Americans don’t like their money being spent foolishly, on things they disagree with. That’s especially true when there are things in the USA that need to be addressed, but are not.

Congress controls the purse strings. That’s the way the system is designed, on purpose. There are some things the president cannot do, without overreaching, and he’s not going to try that. Congress would come down on him like a ton of bricks.

Democrats thought they were in control, but now the government has money, and Donald Trump can build the wall to protect the USA. He also has six months to solidify his base and six months to work against the Democrats to they can’t shut down the government again.

Trump is a Master Politician?

Donald Trump may not be a long-time politician, but he didn’t become wealthy by being a dummy. His strategy/path often seems strange, but I don’t know a single politician who could withstand the massive opposition he has stared down.

Donald Trump does not give up. He’s put himself and his whole family at risk, to do what he’s doing, working for America. He didn’t need to do that. Being president won’t make his business grow.

Patriots Must Stay the Course

There are bad people trying to do bad things to America, supporting themselves and their cronies at the expense of everyone else. I believe Donald Trump is working to stop that. This week, many people in his base were disheartened by the passing of the Omnibus bill. Many uttered bad words about him. I believe he is still on track. Negativity from the media and congress is taking a toll on some believers.

Anyone who has tried daytrading knows there are big players who jerk the market up and down. Buy on an uptick and set a stop behind, and as sure as the sky is blue in summer, the big players will jam the price down to clean out all the stops, shaking out the “weak hands.” Then they will take the market up. I’ve been there.

That is exactly what’s going on here. Those bad eggs are counting on demoralizing the base and using them to pressure Trump. Look what they did with the schoolkids, pushing them to do their dirtywork with gun control. Patriots can see that play, as plain as day, but many were tricked by the Omnibus bill.

A complex game is in play here, and patriots need to hold their nerve. Things will not be resolved quickly. It took years to get into the mess, but it has only been one year of visible work to undo it. If something appears to be bad, do some research, listen to others analyzing the moves, and watch what happens next. Don’t shout, curse and panic.

Conservative media needs to hold steady, too, but the occasional panic can help too. This week it gave Democrats a false sense of security. Donald Trump and his people are taking most of the heat, and it looks chaotic from out here. Have faith, be calm, and remain vigilant. There are reasons for the convoluted moves going on. This will make an amazing book when it is all over.

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