Do George Tiaffay’s Facial Features Reveal What An Evil Man He Truly Is?

A mug shot of George Tiaffay bespeaks of a thugish, cruel man, coal-black eyes, chilly smirk, thick neck, gnarly-nicked nose, etc. etc.; just bad-ass, if we assume one’s physical appearance unveils to us the psychological mischief bubbling and boiling underneath a mask of concealment. Alright, so I’m getting a bit carried away, but I believe in the ancient Roman practice of physiognomy (facial features reveal character traits)! Suetonius uses physiognomy in all of his biographical sketches (The Lives of the Caesars) of the demented Roman/Julian emperors, and it works.

And I believe in it. We can peer into somebody’s soul, when we look at their face, no matter how hard a person (or a criminal) may try to disguise who they are. Alright, so I aught to mention that George Tiaffay was arraigned for the murder of his wife, Shauna Tiaffay, on Monday in a Las Vegas courtroom. News footage shows us what looks like a townhouse (maybe it’s just an apartment), with beaucoup cop cars and the omnipresent yellow crime tape sequestering the crime scene, apparently, just off of the 24/7 bright lights of the Vegas Strip (where no one’s in their right mind).

shauna tiaffay and george

How do we know that a hammer was the murder weapon employed? That’s a good question, since such a weapon hasn’t yet been retrieved by Las Vegas detectives. Okay, so some footage of George and a homeless dude (Noel Stevens) shows a purchase of a hammer at a Lowe’s in mid-September, about two weeks before the horrendous homicide (September 29th).

Cops have an awful lot of evidence. I’m not going to delineate all of it for you here, but I will urge you to sift through what they have, if you’d like to see how strong of a case they can make against George Tiaffay. This is a murder-for-hire situation, where the husband uses a down-on-their luck homeless person (and makeshift handyman) to do his dirty work. All Noel Stevens got was $600 for the hit, whereas he was promised $20,000 (which was suppose to come in the future sometime, I’ll suppose).

I know I said I’d leave it up to you to inspect the piles of incrimination (the prosecution) has on poor Noel, but I just have to mention this, which underscores just how sick this situation got. We know that George had a house key made for his fall guy, and we know the townhouse was burglarized on September 4th; moreover, we know it was Noel who burglarized the apartment, since he stupidly left DNA on a vodka bottle. But why did he steal Shauna’s panties, her black dress, and merely purloin her swimsuit bottom (the top remained in the apartment)?

shauna tiaffay

Did George know these personal items of Shauna’s were stolen by his co-conspirator? Or, even worse, did he induce Noel to take these items? If this is true, then we can see all the more what a sicko this Tiaffay character truly is! But his choosing Stevens as his partner in crime was consummate buffoonery! Noel left these stolen items around his campsite, and even worse, he bragged about the crime to some unknown parties, who called the cops on him!

shauna and george tiaffay

They got plenty on old, stupid Noel, but the problem is, trying to tie-in George to the grocery list of ‘look I did it,’ deposited by Mister Stevens. Well, I almost forgot about the 86 cell phone calls made between George and Noel just prior to the 9/29 murder. I suppose they could check out the 86 pings, and see if a pattern emerges, of concentric circles that hone in closer on a target of the townhouse, where an innocent cocktail waitress was resting comfortably after a hard shift at the Palms Resort Casino. Forget everything I just said; let’s rewind the tape once again and see what we can with fresh eyes, or what we missed the first time we ran the tape by.

Source: Huffington Post