Crossfire War – Tehran Plans Resumption of Balkan War – Bosnia Briefing

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre – Bosnia: Sarajevo – Tehran/Brussels – Vienna; Bosnia FM Briefs Iran Deputy FM on Situation in the Balkans – Conflict Resumption – Resolution

Night Watch: SARAJEVO – Wednesday evening the Iran Deputy Foreign Minister for Euro-American Affairs Saeed Jalili met in Belgrade the Foreign Minister of Bosnia Mladan Ivanic who briefed Jalili on the situation in the Balkans. Tehran does not get inolved in areas and regions for the sake of promoting stability but for the purpose of using conflicts, wars to Iran’s benefit and also to the benefit of organizations – governments Tehran is working with. That will increase their presence in the region’s economy to their mutual benefit. What they diplomatically call increased relations or enhanced ties. [IRNA]

Both officials realize that Serbian extreme and nationalistic opposition to Kosovo independence is currently the main dispute in the area which is probably why they met in Belgrade. The subject matter that was probably explored, during Jalili’s two day visit, was how both Bosnia-Iran can best profit from the resumption of fighting that the Serbs will cause, perhaps as a response to persistant attacks against Serbs by Albanians, attacks which the UN have tried to ignore. For this reason Tehran and Belgrade signed a security agreement in January. Both officials may also be aware that when the Serbs start shooting they may not only target Albanians but also the international organizations that have been supporting Kosovo independence, the UN/NATO/EU.

I suspect Ivanic is even outlining to Jalili the series of violent incidents that will ignite the Serbian response and the next Balkan war, incidents caused by Islamic groups controlled by Tehran. He may even be informing Tehran of the likely responses from other capitals in the former Yugoslavia: Ljubljana, Zagreb and of course his own, Sarajevo, where Tehran has had a very busy embassy for 10 years, keeping precise track of the latest developments. Bosnia is also Iran’s main base of Islamic militant groups and all of their terrorist connections. It was reported a year ago that at least some of the London bombing, last July, was planned in Bosnia. It was even mentioned years ago that operatives of al-Qaeda (Iran) sometimes carried Bosnian passports.

Something is about to happen, quite possibly this month and designed not only to occupy the attention of Vienna but also of St. Petersburg and the G8 summit Russia is to begin hosting next week. The July London bombings took place the day the G8 summit was to begin in Britain last year. I have always suspected Tehran intends to use the Balkans as their avenue of invasion into Europe. With every Balkan capital, including Athens, hating Vienna again even more than Tehran does, the invasion will be welcome by Balkan people of any religion or identity.

What the enormously regressive division of Yugoslavia accomplished was a resumption old historical European regional hatred, which I thought had been finally buried with World War II. But Vienna and Europe cannot resist the urge, the compulsion to orchestrate crises. This one was programmed in the name of the New World Order to show the world the new cooperation within Eastern-Western Europe after the orchestreated Cold War but the programmers underestimated the impact of weapon dealears.

This is what Tehran means by their “entry into Central Europe” and why they established relations with every capital in the divided Yugoslavia in 1992, just one year after the division. What both Sarajevo-Tehran intend to resolve, in military cooperation with other Balkan governments, is the end of Vienna and Brussels control over their region.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.